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Community, which is strong, be at the forefront and bring these ideas and implement. Um you know, you think about back about the 19 eighties and you look at how the downtown Woz and the city was downtown. It's nothing to where it is. Today. We let Development happened. Private businesses happened with community input and look what we have today, and we just need to make sure that we let that vibrancy and entrepreneurship and innovativeness continue. In that Tribune story the other day, they said Michigan Avenue puts Chicago in the rarefied company of New York's Fifth Avenue, Los Angeles. Is rodeo Drive. Paris is Sean, say, Liza. I was in the Shan sailors a before and one of the things and I thought, Wow, look at that. I'm there. It's not. It's clean. It's not his neat. It's not as pretty as Chicago keeps itself too. And I hope we don't lose that too. I mean, if nothing else We could continue to gussy up our place to because I think that's one of the also great things about Chicago. God, I couldn't agree with you more I was I was in a couple summers ago with the family trip to Paris and Shawn's Ladies, a the magnificent Mile and downtown Chicago in the Lake Front of Museum campus in Millennium Park. Nothing compares to that. We have a great global world class city. We need to make sure that we take care of that. Jack Levin is the CEO of the Chicago Land Chamber of Commerce. Let us know what we can say or do for you, Jack. Keep it up in the Let's Let's keep our fingers crossed for 2021. Great, John. Thanks for having me on and yeah, we're very optimistic about 2021. Let's Jack and Advantis show John Williams here, and it will be charming in here shortly. Let's get into the WGN radio newsroom..

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