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Bill Simmons podcast last week. Greg kinnear. A sports fan. No. They didn't talk much about sports. They just kind of talked about the different movies and shows his on. But they did talk about how Sakari and there's no spoilers or anything. But he said he was already cast to play this role before they got rid of Kevin space show. Okay. So then he heard the news about Kevin Spacey dot the show is going to be cancelled. And he said Robin Wright pan Robin Wright pushed forward for him to be on the show for the show to continue for his character to be on the show. So I just sound like Bill shepherd was going to be a part of house cards. No matter what kind of this season was Bill Simmons pro house of cards or as like that. He was into it. But he's out. It doesn't sound like he's watched it in the last few years. He was really into it. He was really into it in the beginning. I think he was one of the proponents of that. He didn't like them dropping all the episodes at once if I recall, okay yet. I don't think he really had an opinion one way or the other. They just kinda talked about about how Sakari out and that that Greg Kinnear is on it. And they talked a lot about as good as it gets. I feel like that was like a lot of discussion. Yeah. I know this isn't a rob Makita podcast. But if we're going to do any IMD bags here on the career of Greg Kinnear. What is the high point of the what is the apex of the Greg career? I think it's gotta be soup. I didn't realize he was talk soup. The original talk soup. I think just a little bit before I was paying attention to these type of he may he he did a lot with from talk soup, and I used to I wasn't OG talk soup guy. And the host of talk soup. Joel McHale of talk soup. I mean, Joel McHale was the Greg Kinnear. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. But I mean as good as it gets like if Titanic didn't come out that year as good as it gets would have been the biggest movie of that year. I mean, that's that's a big movie, although his part in is good as gets. He's the third guy. But I feel like was you know, I think sort of the, you know, the, Jack Nicholson and Helen hunt. I think are probably more remembered for that. Yeah. I think that he was talked about quite a bit at the time because he was a gay character. Ninety eight. Yes. But I feel that the other two had bigger parts. Did he get an Oscar nomination for that just nominated for nominated for best supporting? Yeah. But I'm sure you've probably lost somebody Titanic, and then and then don't forget about stuck on you where him and Matt Damon. Yeah. Yeah. To join twin. I just wanna say that. I I will say for you know. If I was going to go with my all time talk soup hosts, I think I'd have on the all time talk soup power rankings. I will say here they are. Well, I I will give you number five. House sparks. I don't remember anything about the house. Sparks era. Apparently wasn't is this five out of five them. Five out of five. We'll rank the big five house sparks that he was nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand jordin sparks related to jordin sparks. I don't think. So number four Aisha Tyler. I I have heard of one to two thousand two. John had the longevity or Iran. I'm sure she was fine. Okay. Number three in my all time talk soup host rankings. I will give you Greg Kinnear. He got. He got it started. Got the ball rolling. But. He's only he's only number three and my rankings. Okay. Number two. Joel mchale. He did a lot with it. He does not host. They he basically. Recreated the soup on Netflix. But then it got cancelled did a great job. Joel mchale. He host he hosts talk SU he hosts the soup. He never did. So so there was a yacht of talk soup to the soup between two thousand to two thousand four and in my mind for my money. The all time greatest talk soup hosts, John Henson. John Henson nine hundred ninety five to nineteen ninety nine. For your stretch. Okay. It's four year..

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