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What can the Keith and the girl. I'm Keith Malley Hamda of another new guest for you think you're gonna like it featured on N._B._C.'s late night with Seth Meyers Brian Mitchell hello how Saudi play. I think I'M GONNA go with Hoti Dodd ingratiate myself. I was watching your stand up. Congrats on everything but thank you. I think you're great you. Were talking about how being a Jehovah's Witness with interest me. My Dad was a Catholic priest. I notice in general the people I meet that grew up. Religious are the opposite. Am I right on that. You're correct okay. Yeah you hide one to get out of right well. I'm looking up Jehovah's Witness and I'm I'm. Is this the same as Mormon in the same as anything else. I've heard of so I type in. It's not but I type in our Jehovah's Witnesses and guess what auto corrects are auto fills in the very first thing are Jehovah's Witnesses black that that means a lot of people are looking for black drove was witnesses right this. It doesn't mean people have never saw one and they're they're asking. Could they included. I've seen a lot of block Jehovah's Witnesses so I think the opposite I think that <hes> it seems like aww television and this is. I met our block I would. That's what I from being in New York for the last couple years. I've seen only black droves witnesses so I I guess guess I guess in the Mid West like my my congregation was completely white so I kind of I guess I get that. It's coming from the Midwest. I think think about it and thank you for making me think about it. I only knew one white Jehovah's witness but it's not like it's not a new a ton of Jehovah's Witnesses. They tend to stay in their own pack like I imagine liquid even we. I worked with a couple of them and they were not having a lot of shit so we changed is the party at the end of the year instead of a Christmas party to like an end of the year party which is very nice. Well I think yeah 'cause why are we celebrating like it was a Jew owned company company. This also another auto fill is our Jehovah's Witnesses Christians <hes> do they believe in Christ and you know that we know these people typing it in. What can I give them a break. The police believe in Christ. Don't they do that. They do Christ you got to have Christ. Jehovah uh-huh is Jesus Son. Jesus had a son in this one. Oh God God God is Jesus Son Right got got his Jesus son. Yeah God right here okay number one depth chart and then Jesus okay right and then Jesus had a son now I I think there was some confusion here. I think so you're saying God yes and then then God had Jesus correct okay so there's a little confusion there yeah we got to the bottom of what did they tell.

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