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For that talk. I'll take Iowa state straight up, get spread the whole deal. I always say it was picked last in the big 12 and made the tournament TJ Allison burgers done a great job this year. It has been just circling and circling and just kind of in directionless over the past 6 weeks. I will go LSU, but I have no, I have no idea. Three C, Wisconsin versus number 14 Colgate. This is going to be around 10 p.m. eastern on TBS on Friday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a 7 and a half point favorite again in Milwaukee. Wisconsin to win the game in advance, but Colgate. My two plays the choice. It's not really. I go, Tom's. Unless it's a sponsor. If Colgate's a sponsor, then that's my toothpaste choice. If not, it's Christ. Okay. We are not sponsored by toothpaste. I'm almost positive. I'm almost done. Well, somebody needs to work on that. All right. With regard to the wearing Colgate to cover. I have Wisconsin and winkle get to cover. I would take Colgate to win this game straight up if it was in Fort Worth or Pittsburgh, but it's not. It's a Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I will take Bucky to win. Cole get to cover Colgate is the second best three point shooting team in this tournament. The only one better is South Dakota state, which is by far the best three point shooting team. And it's why I took him to be Providence. Scooting on down this bracket number 7 USC ten seat Miami approximately three 15 p.m. eastern on true TV. This will be on Friday. I will be there. This is kind of a good game tucked in the middle of the afternoon. This is in Greenville, USC is a one and a half point favorite. Miami to win Miami to cover. How about Jim Lara enters the season, people whispering like, you know, Coachella might retire at the end of the season. Do went to the NCAA tournament signed a contract extension. Done a great job. I'm gonna have him losing, but I got him covering. God. I have USD to win. Miami to cover yes, the line is narrow. I got a buzzer beater situation here. I got Miami losing similarly to how it lost the last time. It was in this tournament when Loyola Chicago knocked it out and then went on to make the final four. So we both have Miami covering. You have the canes to win. I have USC to win. Last game, and there's a lot of high level defenses in this region, by the way, creighton, San Diego state, what LSU auburn, they're all high level. Auburn, two C 15 C Jacksonville state, Greenville, this will be my first game on the ground there on Friday. TruTV 1240 p.m. eastern, man, this live number keeps climbing nada says, hello to everyone. We got more to come. I will go. Yeah, 15 and a half. Auburn. GP? Jackson will stay covering this number? No. Absolutely not. Walker Kessler's gonna block 17 shots. No, realistically, let's do the over under. If I said it at 7 and a half, will you go over for walker cressler? No, because I don't think it'll play enough minutes 'cause it'll be a blowout, but he's gonna block a shot every 45 seconds. Well then he's gonna hit the offer. Unless you have auburn putting this thing to bed with 13 minutes to go in the first half. I do. I do. It'll be. And then Wendell window Gradle, get wild, it'll get close, and then I'll run a pull away. Oh my gosh. All right, who do you have advancing along in the Midwest? So I've got Kansas beating San Diego state, then Iowa, I hate to do this. I apologize to the jackrabbits, but you know, at some point. I will over South Dakota state. State losing to Wisconsin and then auburn over Miami. So then in the sweet 16, I've got Kansas over Iowa, auburn, over Kansas, and then I've got auburn, beating Kansas, Bruce pearl, back in the final four. And some of the comments right now are too funny. I did not see how cool these reaction in real time when he realized he had South Dakota state. But fair enough. All right, so I will go Kansas to move along and here's the deal. Every year, at least one double digit seed makes the sweet 16. Paris, do you have a double digit seed in the sweet 16? I don't know. I just told you everything. Good times. The only one I had changed to this one, you're the best. The only one is South Dakota state for me. I will ride this team, I am the jackrabbit ambassador on this podcast. What?.

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