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Look home design. They may getting a new roof. Easy, Then 21. Now a just released long awaited report on school redistricting in Montgomery County gets the county nowhere close to settling any of the debates that have been spawned by the idea. The county is out with a nearly 200 page report that make some suggestions but gets into no specifics about exactly where to implement any of the changes that it recommends. Instead, it's only going to be used to begin discussions on the topic again later this fall. But the report argues, shifting boundaries that affect only 10% of the county would reduce overcrowding where that happens, fill empty seats and other schools and help the county achieve economic and racial diversity. In general, it would had less than a mile to each student's trip to school. It calls The current cluster set up where the same elementary and middle schools feed into the same high schools on impediments all that well, not really reducing distances to schools, either. John Doman w T o P News well. Meantime, schools and parents are focusing on summer classes this year to help students who have fallen behind during the year of online learning, But some school systems say They can't find enough teachers to lead those summer classes. That complaint has prompted a local teachers union to say its members are being unfairly singled out. It was very disrespectful. They felt hurt. They felt be little. Ingrid Gant is the president of the Arlington Education Association. Morale was low and it is low. They continue to Educators against our students and their parents, she says. When it comes to summer teaching, it's always optional. It's always been out, you know, and she says many teachers need a break after a trying school year. She adds that the summer teaching shortage is part of a larger overall teacher shortage. John Aaron w T o p News The Virginia Military Institute is getting its first female commander of the Corps of Cadets. Cadet Casey MEREDITH, will take on the role at a change of command parade later today. She's the first female regimental commander in VM. I's 182 year history shall be the commander of the Corps, responsible to the commandant of cadets for the training, appearance, discipline, health, welfare and morale of the Corps. Coming up next. Maybe too much interest in buying the Wardman Park Hotel. I'm Jeff label 10 24. Man. Americans don't need another barrier to their medicines, especially right now. It's.

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