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Some demonstrators spent the weekend marching against racial injustice and in solidarity with protesters in Portland, Oregon. The Baltimore Sun says that people within a group of nearly 100 demonstrators spray painted the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge building and sidewalk Saturday night with anti police messages. The crowd eventually dispersed following a standoff between demonstrators and police. Demonstrations were one of several held in Maryland's largest city on Saturday, following weeks of unrest around the country. Days after a federal judge temporarily block the release of New York City Police Disciplinary records News Organization PROPUBLICA has published a database containing complaint information for thousands of officers. Propublica says it is not obligated to comply with the order because it's not party to the lawsuit that challenges the release of the records Police union sued the city to block Mayor Bill de Blasio from posting misconduct complaints against police on a government website. The union's argue that allowing the public to see unproven or false complaints could sully officers reputations and compromise their safety. Propublica said it excluded the allegations that were deemed unfounded from the material that had published its 8 45 Sports at 15 and 45. Brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for less than a Honda. Here's Dave Johnson. Make no mistake Patrick Corbett handed but the Nationals three to loss of Yankees, Corbin struck out eight and six and 1/3 innings well well. Harris gave up the game tying homer in the seventh inning. Sean do little gave up the go ahead run in the eighth, getting home tonight to take all the Blue Jays Orioles beat the Red Sox seven of four scheduled to play the Marlins in Miami tonight. The N B a restart a chance for young Wizards. Players like these at Bonga to get a jump start, had 15 boys 12 rebounds Saturday against the Clippers that coach Scott Brooks, right zero place for media impacts the game because of his enthusiasm, and his effort is just a spirit. I mean, everybody wants to play with him because he plays so hard. He plays to make the right plays, and he's not looking that he's not thirsty out there. He wants to make place for his teammate, and we'll get another chance this afternoon where the wizard's play the Lakers coverage at 2 45 1 1500 AM the Capitals in throttled out with all Eastern Conference playoff teams at one city. That means the capital Sheraton Hotel with several teams, including the Flyers and Penguins. Head coach Todd really something that you are always cautious of not being in the same hotel, a zoo another team, but this will be a whole new experience for sure, especially with your biggest rivals right there. In the same motel India There may be some stare downs, accusing with a few of the other. The opposition maybe put a penalty box in the lobby just in case Dave Johnson ever utility sports. Still to come here, the latest in the back and forth between the US and China. It's a 47 at administer healthcare's 50 locations in the D. C region. Your health and safety are always on top.

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