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Sudden Leo Boston is now playing eventually with, I don't know like Caitlin Clark or page back. Oh man. The silly thing are going to be so good in 2025. They really, that's Toronto. It's going to be no, it's going to be something. But there you have it. Aliya Boston and Leo Boston Kyle is Boston as well. Ali Boston Logan, so three ways in the diamond Miller from Jason, which I think is not a whacked out pick. I actually think the mix, there's some sense there for sure. So I like that a lot. Let's get into what I think will be a fun piece of parody, potentially, and that's coach of the year. I'll go ahead and start this one since I had you guys start the last two. This one's really basic. I'm taking sandy brundell. And in a lot of ways, that's because they just gave one. Holy to Becky Hammond, my brain just shut off. It's ten 30 p.m. where we're recording. I just forgot Becky Anne's name out of nowhere. But they already handed one of Becky Hammond so might as well give them to the other one, but also this would be a marked improvement for New York. If they come in in a top two seat as people are expecting them, that's a marked improvement with a lot of new faces and to be able to put a lot of those new faces together as good as they are. I think that says something about a coach's ability to find a system that works very quickly for them and that says a lot about her. So I would put that camp in rondell as name and that's essentially where I go. There's no direct feedback to that. I'll pass it over to Logan. Yeah. I am sandy as well. It just comes down to kind of like Jason said with the MVP. I have a little bit of a formula when it comes to this. And it's a lot just based on expectations and record compared to the previous year. Obviously, expectations for the liberty are sky high, so it's definitely possible that they could fall short of those. But last year they finished 16 and 20, just on the fringes of playoff contention. They actually had a pretty decent showing in the first round of the playoffs, but didn't really go anywhere. I think everyone has reached a consensus that already this is a top two roster in the league and if that comes to fruition, it's probably going to be between sandy and Becky Hammond, I think there are other teams that could be fun surprises. There's one in particular that I think is going to see a significant improvement in record, but it's not going to mean anything when compared to the Hammond and brundell resume that's coming here. Absolutely. So two picks for bradel adjacent, how are you feeling? So I'm going to go, this will kind of give away before the show we were talking about how I kind of had a number three. This is going to give that away. I'm going to go with Eric Tebow. Yeah. Nice. I do it that the mystics are going to end up third going into the seating. I think they're going to be kind of that one team that kind of rises above the rest of that four through 11 mess that kind of exists. And I think they're going to do it early in the season. I think they're going to be consistent. I think they're going to come out strong, Steve, you've already talked about delle donne so I won't go into roster so much. But and I think because they have a strong early part of the season, I think they're going to seem consistent. And I think that's going to play well. So I think that coach of the year is going to go to Eric Tebow. I like that a lot. I'll go ahead and blow the spot to and say that I also will have Washington in third since that's part of why I've taken the MVP. So that makes a lot of sense. One thing I want to add to that is on top of what that performance would mean. This is also on top of the fact that one of the most respected coaches in the league's history who also happens to be your dad is your current boss. That's a really interesting amount of pressure to be playing under. Yeah. And to take that group to a three seat, I mean that's pretty impressive. So I like that Eric thibault I like that one like quite a lot. Kyle, this is interesting. More parity here. Kyle's taking Kurt Miller. So this ties again to I think the narrative is that I see Kyle and I don't want to put words in his mouth, but that's literally what I'm doing because he's not here at least yet. But it feels like that he has a lot of stock in the sparks, which is really interesting with neck and the MEP, Kurt Miller, coach of the year. Per Miller is no stranger to this award. And a lot of buzz him about his move. So I could see there being some stock in that. Around the corner. And if the sparks find themselves in the top three position, there is a discussion there. So again, I don't think it's necessarily out of the question. And a decent pick. A safer pick than some might think based on how this year may shake out, but I like it. I like the group we have here. So we got two people picking brundell. We've got Kurt Miller, we've got Eric Tebow. This is a fun group. That's about coaches. I'm happy that we're kind of diversifying our portfolio of picks here so that our show as a group, we could claim, oh, we had that for almost a third of the week. So that's really helpful for later in the season. Absolutely. Absolutely. So let's move on forward to defensive player of the year. Logan, I'm going to kick it right over to you. I think I've had grinder as my defensive player of the year every season until now that we've done this episode. And frankly, it's because when we first started the show, I didn't know who else to choose for defensive player of the year. I originally had Asia Wilson written down for this award because it's very easy to just put aces for all view awards at the end of the season they're going to be so freaking good. But I want to have more fun than that and I just want to talk about one of the players that I really adore on a team that I think is going to be really good. And that's Brittany Sykes. I've Brittany sex is my defensive player of the year. So I like that. I'm probably not going to get any points for that one, but I wanted to zig when others would zag on at least one of those. And this is where I decided to do it because I never get the defensive player of the year award, right? Anyway. So Sykes. I think with that avenue word is it has been one of the best and most exciting defensive players in the league for the past three seasons. So for her to finally pick that up, it would actually be a really awesome all I'm saying is, and by the way, I think it was wind insider that called this out. I have to remember what writer was. I think it was Owen. She is the only 5 9 player in the league capable of blocking Britney grinder. So if we see that at all this year, again, if you're new to the league, you know some of

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