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I'll tell you what the perfect who said WHO said this base. I think the chats going by too fast. Hold on <hes>. Where are you even good haven good Jabour ZSA ZSA wrong? I'm sorry I don't know if I supposed to pronounce J. or not. I don't know don't ask me Mr good terrible with names now. Here's here's whistle great about <hes> ditz bullets. There's this space is one of abuse stories that I would actually say take it in change it absolutely around absolutely simplify do not take this this lore stories. I whatever it is called Scientology based Scientology Yeah not take this whole thing about religion religion you know this. There's a simple great story here they they did something dead space way tried to bring in <hes> you know these cultist and religious factions and this the statue whatever it was calm are the marker yeah. It is like you know what those one time I say yet dumb Nash sit down make just about somebody on a spaceship. There's an alien infection and and it takes over dead bodies and dead limbs in this one guy with by after look towards the original alien survivor stories space played the factory they know they just found this thing and it's murdering everyone around them yeah just trying to survive. That's that's why those movies works. So well. You completely rip off Alien. Somebody goes out exploring the comeback with a with. They caught like a virus virus. It mutates dead bodies. That's all you gotta do man. It's an Alien Zombie Movie Alien Zombie movie that is it like the the overall just like designs and the thing in everything God I would love that you've never do not of course not fucking anything else going on with the chat. Yeah I mean yeah people have said this long time <hes> Jason Good where Mr Good bioshock people always would wanNA bausch accreditation. Ask You something about bioshock man <hes> back into the watchman trail in little yeah yeah thank you for all the suggestion these great suggestions yeah. I'm trying to think of a movie Man <hes> myself because we're we're thinking of a lot of a lot of science fiction. Let's appeals to us..

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