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Mr jim rawls jim. How are you man good. Conrad i'm ready to rock and roll. Finish out this compelling lex luger story as we're going to pick it up today. from wrestlemainia nine. And you told me so. Yeah the next time you lex. I was actually there for that or not. So the But we got good responsible last liver show. He's very polarizing character. Is one way of saying. I think so. It should be fun. as as a as a urban meyer would say this is a deep dive and as as one of my best friends says. There's a lot to unpack here. Let's keep it rolling. I am pumped to keep it rolling and talk about the lex express and all of that. Entailed lex luger. I think when i was a kid. He's got to be one of my top five favorites. He looks like a real life action. Figure and of course you know. Don't get me wrong i'm still alexa. Gra fan but now more alexa lugar fan of the man because i had the good fortune of meeting him and man. I know there's some stories about olex. Was this way and lex. Was that way. I cannot stress how much respect and appreciation. i have for lex luger. The person as we're talking here today in twenty twenty one so i'm just pumped to talk about it man. I think he's a fascinating individual. I think he's got one hell of a story and to To be on the other side of of so much stuff. And it's that's a great place is really remarkable. It is yeah. He said he's another one of those guys. So we did the magnum ta show it weeks ago and imag got a bad hand dealt him and then lexus kind of saint category. You know there's health issues or or been very challenging. So i think he has taken on a different perspective now than a lot of fans had of him early earlier when he was wrestling. And what did what attracted you to him. Zeke yeah i don't know i mean i was a big thing fan and a big scott steiner and rick starter fan so back in the day w w when i first started watching those guy. Those four were like inseparable. So you know. i mean sure. They're trying to take on the horsemen and all that. But that's like the cluster of good guys at the time. And i i guess you could probably throw in flying brian in their Maybe even zemun. But flying. Brian and the steiner brothers and stinging lex luger when i was a kid man that was. Wcw that was fun. Yeah yeah good group of guys a group of guys. I could tell you that. So well you know we covered Lacks going in only. I started the football you know. Is he played a lot of football. But it was kind of undistinguished. And i was just kind of got a burner my saddle because anytime you play at a d. one level anytime you get a opportunity to play professional football on any scale That they nothing wrong with that. And i thought that he Some people married that lack of football success to him. And i don't think that's fair so but in any event Where now to the part of lexus career had made the big jump finally yup and On oh vince always coveted lex and largely issue. The question he he was enamored by lexus. Look right how marketable is alexis. Look laws and And vincent body guy and lex certainly had a body and a very good one. Yeah let's talk about it. He was the he was the narcissist when he comes in i mean i guess we should sort of set the table. He he winds up coming over just as we finished a few weeks ago. meltzer predicted. Hey he's gonna come over and be a part of the wbf and as soon as his contract allows him to his start wrestling for the world wrestling federation and that is the way it shook out of course. Jr wasn't there for that Jr shows up at wrestlemania nine. So that's where we can really pick up the story but by the time you get there luger had already been wrestling for the wf for a bit and the The story had been. Oh he's got steal play in his forearm. And he's using that as his has finished which i guess is pretty creative. But the narcissist gimmick. I mean you were just talking about. How vince mcmahon and even lex luger himself or enamored with his physique as well he should be probably the best body maybe in the history of wrestling. He's got these I don't know ladies. I guess we call him accompanying him to the ring and they're holding the the mirror and he's posing and flexing. It's an idea. What did you think of the narcissist persona thought. We could have done better. Yeah but did hate it about thought. We could have done better. I had to get my dictionary. Narcisse even meant. I really did. I didn't know so And that's i the irony of that is working interesting all those years. I was nineteen years in the business. Before i got to wwe. So i wasn't exactly an overnight sensation even though there's previous nineteen years not.

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