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Bob the builder so color medley team remax property seized on the next little real estate show why do one in three homeowners cryolite while trying to sell their home we'll try to stop it buying or selling or we want to help join me popsicle or the little real stage show this Sunday eight thirty AM on news radio eight forty WHAS sleep disorders can have more than one because so we offer more than one treatment advanced E. anti an allergy offers home sleep studies oral appliances and over ten surgical and nonsurgical treatment options visit advanced anti analogy dot com to learn more message and data rates may apply please do not text and drive C. purple dot com for terms and conditions and now for an important announcement do you or just someone you know swept the bad do you ever wake up feeling like you've been sleeping on a slip and slide sweating the bed is a serious but a common problem that affects your sleep health and happiness plus it's just plain gross but it's not it's your mattress fortunately there is a care it's called is the only mattress with the scientifically engineered smart come for granted this patented technology is designed to let air flow freely so you sleep cool side effects of sleeping on purple include sleeping better feeling better and well honestly smelling the purple mattress risk free for one hundred nights and never sweat the bed again and for a limited time pick a free purple product if your mattress purchased by texting daily eight four eight eight eight the coolest sleep of your life and a free purple product by texting daily eight four eight eight eight that's D. A. I. L. Y. eight four eight eight eight from the United.

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