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Are concerns about gentrification and ruining the character of the neighborhood the rezoning supposed to be part of an overall plan to. Construct three hundred thousand affordable housing units citywide by the year twenty twenty six Well one of the first sitting members of congress to endorse Donald Trump as president was carted off to jail today along. With his son and another man all charged with conspiracy securities fraud wire fraud and lying to the FBI Republican Christopher Collins who is speaking now at a news conference to to clear. Himself or at least as attempting to faces charges he allegedly fed insider tips. To relatives whose Collins had access from sitting on the board of a biotech firm DA Jeffrey Berman says they were helping. Themselves and others dodge huge losses, when the company stocks tanked the crime that. He committed was his son, cavern so the cameras, at a few select. Others could trade on the news. While the investing public Rene remained, in the, dark, the indictment also names. Collins's son and the son's father in law all three now in. Federal custody Collins denying again any wrongdoing he's at a speaker he's at a podium right now speaking out against it is lawyer say Collins Will be completely vindicated meantime? House speaker Paul Ryan ahead of all of this says that he will remove Collins from the house energy. And, commerce committee hitting about an ethics investigation in fact police have ID the man and woman found dead in a hospital room in Valhalla today now officials say they're trying to solve, what looks like an apparent murder-suicide Carol de oria this shooting occurred in a fourth floor patients room in the main hospital building the shots rang out at nine thirty nine. In the morning Westchester county police Commissioner Tom Gleeson said three cops rushed to the room immediately found the bloody scene two people had been shot it's believed.

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