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Mary j blige naomi campbell cindy crawford clive davis let's muslim gallagher simple fogel ta richie richie average had reached device when houston all said james kotan but a lot of it is voice several by george it made me sad 'cause i could hear that he still hadn't remnants of pneumonia and i wonder if they had a filmed him at laid as he didn't want to be shown or whatever but it goes through the rise of fame and i didn't realize georgia's only seventeen beal is 24 by the time wam was this massive massive irs but tommy's 24 there in like the the biggest one of the biggest bands in the world and he talks about this he was at wembley and think wam did this to accord the final where this had said goodbye to everybody and george was he was a complete willing participant like he created the solace dodge which market he was star ready to do it he talked about he kept referencing in the documentary this this sort of red line which was heading up this ascension this line that was he knew that he was at the end of one career and he was just getting on on on this journey that was the red line was going to continue onwards so he makes faith and he's competing with prince michael jackson madonna faith ends up being as successful were more successful than than michael like really george michael was the star van 87 88 period four number ones of the record six songs in the top five.

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