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To the realization that you don't have to swear on the bible to take the oath of office here we go judge more has also said that he doesn't think a muslim member of congress should be allowed to be in congress why under what underwent bhutto's you have to swear on the bible you when you you when you are before i had to do it on an elected official three terms i had to swear on the bible you have to swear on a bible to be an elected official in in the united states of america hey alleges that a moslem cannot do that ethically swearing on the bob you don't actually have to swear on a christian bible you can swear on anything really i don't know if you knew that you can swearing at jewish five oh no grabble i've done as threetime have i'm sure you've picked a bible but the law is not that you have to swear on a christian bible that is not the law uh you you don't know that all right so braga i dunno i know the donald trump did it when he only made him president because he's christian and he picked it that's what he wanted to that we wanted to swear in on tech rocket with the more campaign good luck tonight thank you so much yeah ted crockett good luck with their campaign would how you surround yourself with these morons is beyond me it really is ridiculous in their hand i hate the dog like this but i swear he did he serie he i it's like he handpick the stupidest people have they learn is known as you have any idea what you're doing no sir all right geared geared mike campaign manager come on in i mean john adams swore all night constitutional law book you don't have boo'd to do this you don't have to swear on the christian bible in order to be it'll an elegant official in this country sorry that's canas separation of church and state sort of a deal there so i mean i do i don't know i it's very disappointing to very discipline but thankfully i mean we'll we'll get somebody that has a conservative republican in.

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