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It scotty you one of the great players of all time always played second fiddle and so you want to see a superstar try to make him a second fiddle but he's not you man if there there's any scottie pippen on this team it's kevin duran staff curries later this team steph curry is the guy that didn't just embrace this culture moving the ball created it because of staff curry doesn't do it it doesn't happen what a joke i'm so tired like of this nba players haiti nonstaff curry there's a lot of reasons that athens you realize that when steph cory when the most valuable player award two years ago his first one and i voted for him along with a lot of other people that the players think about the level of rebuked this is the players association which is led by lebron james and chris paul having never done their own mvp award went out and created one because the riders don't know what they're doing and gave it a james harden and by the way this is before james harden was the mic dan tony eleven point two assists per game fifty point this is like pretty good james harden curry has always been wildly undervalued and wildly underrated and it drives me crazy 'cause we all value a curry based on what he is now i don't even know where was drafted seventh v i mean we don't remember because he was there wasn't that big a deal member there is talk about moving curry when he got drafted by gold state two point guards god drafted ahead of them by the temblor wolves unbelievable i saw i was that the game or curry almost singlehandedly beat the kansas team that went on to win the national championship in the antidote would turn he was a davidson and you at curry didn't that game he gave up the shah he should take in the shadow of the i think was in on it goes in omaha oklahoma city even early on i look back and like this guy was capable of doing magical things but he didn't believed enough and neither did anybody else and kevin durant's amazing evidence.

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