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It also makes the parts bound like inside your water heater H back system. So. Mike it. I chatted about the changes happening in the smart home. Okay. So one of the things we're seeing at CS a lot of smart himself feel like a lot of it's incremental. We're like finally getting to where we had been saying we would be and with you guys spinning out. I'm actually very curious what you're seeing in this Marto market because that's where you're going to sell. Yeah. So a lot going on this Martin O market. And what you said about incremental is right over the last ten years people have really adopted one single product at a time. No one wakes up one day and says today, I'm gonna make my home smart. But we're now finally seeing companies that are, you know, they have the platforms and the connectability in the home to be able to now bring a lot of this together to really give you a smart home experience beyond just entertainment and beyond some of the basics. And we think we're going to really start seeing some adoption rates go up in the reason for that is the pro channel or the do it for me channel has finally caught up. These these pros were typically screwdrivers hammer. Hours and they now understand basic networking. They now understand why fi. And because of that they're able to come in. And make sure that these connected products are truly getting connected in the home. So what do you think that business model is going to look like both for you and for the dealers and service providers? Yeah. So it it for each of those four areas it's a little bit different. So look the service model were going to be the provider of products and software and the dealers will do the install and then do also the follow up visits. And what we're hoping for is that that our products that we can actually sell the product to the dealer as well. As the end user, use our software and certain areas. The software will be for free and other services will.

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