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Once the plants are already there. Unfortunately it's not always about soil chemistry. It's about drainage it's about understanding the site is it good for for hops does flood yeah floods every spring but not for long. You don't want that. Yeah oh i hear. I've heard that multiple times like yeah. It's kind of a low spot at flood after the run off. But you know it's no floods for like two weeks and then that drains out so i'm going to put my house down there. Why why would you do that. Because that's the land that you've got. Yeah and so. It's all you want one of the key components of the charter grower application. That we used to do was send a soil sample and i had to be very specific. We don't want an envelope of dirt. We want the chemical analysis of your smile and taking in multiple places and this is how you take the sample. We never actually received an envelope of but it came up in conversation multiple times of will. So how much do they send you. It's like no no no no we buy sample or they'd say yeah. I'm just going to send you a coffee can full soil and you tell me if this is good. No how it works. Yeah the the idea that your site of which soil chemistry and composition as part of your site parameters needs to be. You gotta lock that shit down. I mean it's and then you're gonna hear well what's good. I don't know how to answer that. I could tell you what's bad which i don't want you know because if you're not in the right ranges amending isn't even an option you know for instance if you're trying to grow hops on a rocky knob and your soils only eighteen inches deep. You're going to have problems. No don't do it. Put tomatoes in and and a story Don't even bother with it. But if you've got reasonably deep soil and you've got no ponding and flooding And you've got soil. That's i wanna say between six point. Five and seven point five on the scale. There's really no amending that. You might need to do other than maybe some organic matter depending on what your test comes back with. But it's the ones that fall outside of that range that really. Either acidic or alkaline. We gotta do amending before we even get started with hops. And that can take years because you can't just go in do one application. Say my soil find now. That's a long long and we've probably talked about this in some point or.

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