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On but there isn't going to be another lebrun they're going to the nba in much better shape too i think succeed and maybe even thrive in a post lebrun era in a way they weren't postjordan era but like postjordan they're not going to be got a guy that level unlike posed drawer and there's going to be fifteen guys who are a level below and are really exciting really fun to watch but i i really regards did you catch the game at all she gives catch gaz celtics yeah i watch part of the second half of the game in light as you said like just watching lebrun how we interact and how he kind of celebrated when he wasn't even playing just like where has this been in like the interesting thing thing to think about his and will never be able to have an answer this if lebrun didn't give less effort over the last month and a half like we all think he did would the key and would the cat like if he tried his hardest with the cavs have ended up blowing the team of a making the moves that they made i don't know i mean maybe he did what he did because he had to do it we i mean i think it's probably i don't know i think they're connect i don't think he did it for that reason i think he did it because he was frustrated they had to make sure he wasn't frustrated but for me i just i just enjoyed watching the cast play for the first time in a long like the the train wreck was fun for like two or three games but then it was like oh this is who they are stupid yuasa the game you're probably working i was here work by did see a lot of it's his two totally different teams it's amazing just rosser overhaul you just tell it's a totally different five with their team now i love i know what you're i love rodney hood i mean the dude 6'9 he can shoot the rock he's over forty percent on threes jordan clarkson what's is when every nba players aspires to be that's missouri grad are this and i want to.

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