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Perfectly. One 38. We have traffic and weather on the 8s every ten minutes. Rita Kessler and the WTO traffic center. But let's update the situation in Maryland on northbound two 70. You're still sitting in delays from one O 9, but it takes you to a point just past route 80, not quite as far as 85 or the monocacy river. The good news is that broken down dump truck that had been in the left lane was moved over to the right shoulder. So the broken down dump truck still there may be drawing a little bit of attention, but the delay is starting to ease back with both of your lanes open. Southbound two 70, the slowdown from montrose road headed toward the lane divide with a report of a rack, not sure if any lanes are blocked there. The work that was on the beltway, the work on the outer loop side may have been picked up that delay is starting to ease, but the inner loop still has the work in the left lane near Georgetown pike with delays out of Tyson's an off the toll road. The northbound George Washington Parkway is crawling from one 23 all the way toward the beltway. State of the far right to get by that work reportedly work in the southbound direction as well, but it's not really causing a backup. North mountain three 95 heavy out of Springfield tour duke street to work in the right lane. Southbound 95 slows out of lord and then across the arc of quanta was at the end of the river bridge, the broken down tractor trailer was along the right side. If you're in the district southbound D.C. two 95 near eastern avenue, the work in the right lane with delays coming off of the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway also delays off the 11th street bridge onto southbound I two 95. It was near the suitland Parkway a single left lane is blocked with that work crew. Parsons operates in every facet the all domain battle space. Join them delivering innovative defense solutions that enable a safer smarter and more connected world. Imagine next by visiting Parsons dot com slash careers. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. And now let's turn to chuck bell for our forecast. If you can make your travel plans complete before today and tomorrow over your life will be a lot easier, dry weather is on tap for the I 95 quarter for your Tuesday and your Wednesday, but Thursday, what's may start as a little snow is definitely gonna

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