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One of the things that I a conversation have on a pretty regular basis with folks who are trying to sort out cash at this place in my business and I just can't seem to move forward. I've got all these obstacles and one of the first decisions you have to make is okay. Is this a hobby or is this a Business Nathan? Ingram is a fantastic freelancer educator. And coach I met him doing I themes webinars and he always manages to ask the right questions and tee up just the right talking points. I'm to talk to him today about how to manage client relationships. Last week we heard from Erin Flynn about her process or working less and she mentioned the importance of finding the right clients. Nathan is going to dive deeper into that this week. We'll talk about his book on this very topic and then we'll talk about a new project. Recently launched to help freelancers manage those relationships. So let's jump into it before we get started. I want to tell you about my online membership and community creator courses so I know that when you want to learn something new the natural thing he probably do is go to Google or youtube. I do the same thing. And that's really great for one off projects. I used a youtube video to learn how to change a light switch in my house but I am not a big fan of youtube for learning new skills right because there are lots of videos on every topic but which one is best in. Who Do you trust? What order do you even watch the videos in? Will you get the support you need? These are all things that youtube or other potentially Brie videos can't do for you so I started creed or courses a few years ago. With the idea of just putting online courses out there and I decided to morph it into a membership last year so Stop Wasting your time hunting and pecking for the right learning resources and tools over a computer courses. You can become a member and take all of the courses that we have to offer Included in that membership in those courses focus on everything from just basic wordpress up to learning how to build websites without code something. You don't necessarily need to view In this day in age and all of the courses are developed by me. And if you listened regularly you know that I've been a developer for decades at this point and I have lots of experience building websites. I'm a teacher are afraid. Of course it's been linked to learning and things like that so On top of the courses were also a community and members get access to forums and slack and office hours with me and so. I just wanted to let you know about that and encourage you to join if you haven't already listeners of the show exclusively listeners of the show you can save fifteen percent on all memberships including the lifetime membership. All you have to do is visit creator courses dot com slash built. That's greater courses dot com slash. Bu I L D thanks so much. Now let's get on with the show. Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of how I built it the podcast. How did you build that today? My guest is my good friend. Nathan Ingram. He is a growth coach or wordpress business owners. Nathan how are you today man? I'm great thanks for having me on. Thanks for coming on. I always enjoyed talking to you We've interacted multiple times through I themes webinars and at various camps. And today we're going to be talking in general about Clients and client relationships This season has focused a lot on how freelancers and small business owners can grow and their You know people think that I need to charge more or I need more clients but I think what will probably learn today. I don't WanNa leave this conversation too much already. But I've read your book. Is that instead of more clients. You want kind of good quality clients. Is that right absolutely? So quantities always great. But it's much better to have the right kind of client and it's so important. I'M A. I'm a big advocate for freelancing owning your own business you want to position that whatever word you like. Solo per newer my own agency. People describe it different ways but the point being doing work with clients owning your own business owning your own time controlling your life building the life you want using your skills and you know. I've had hundreds of coaching conversations with people around the world over the last several years. And what I've learned is that most freelancers Solo preneurs are one more bad client away from throwing in the towel and that that's really a shame because most of the problems that people encounter can be handled by having great systems and processes in place to keep those clients Fenced in yeah absolutely and I. I agree wholeheartedly lawyer one bad client away from throwing the towel right you have. I've seen people just complain about every client. They have and I really wonder if they they like what they do. Or if they just like complaining but I've made it I you know I've been doing freelance work in some capacity for like half of my life now so I started in high school and I've made it a habit to say no to the people who seem like like nightmares. And you will definitely touch on that because you have a book called dealing with problems finance but why don't we start off? You mentioned that you've done. A Bunch of coaching calls. Tell the listeners. A little bit about who you are and what you do. Yeah sure so. We're a number of different hats at the core of what I do. I I've been building websites for clients since nineteen ninety-five. I've been at this a long time. And really since the very beginnings of the web and in that time I've dealt with fantastic clients I've dealt with awful clients and today even a out. Half of my time is spent Doing client work either building sites managing sites and all of those things. I enjoy it. I've got you know I keep the clients at how want And you know have a good recurring revenue stream. That's been built over the years in my business. Managing wordpress sites But out of that work. I'm Kinda naturally wired to be a teacher and I'm going to be helping people to the day. I die and so really without a whole lot of intention I have stumbled into a teaching role just kind of taking all the things that I've learned over the years both technical and in Business Development Topics and helping people both online webinars in courses as speaking live doing coaching calls one on one and in groups and then speaking at work camp events around the world. Yeah that's fantastic so I I like what you said about. Naturally you're naturally wire to be a teacher. Something that I had a hard time with. Especially in the beginning was I wanted to help people. People needed a website. I viewed it most especially in highschool mostly as a hobby I didn't think I could possibly charge for my hobby and I was Susceptible to doing free or cheap work. Because I wanted to help people. Is that a trap that you fell into. Or if you if you haven't how did you? How do you reconcile that sort of thing? How man absolutely so? That's that's something. I think. A lot of folks struggle with and One of the things that I a conversation. I have on a regular basis with folks. We're trying to sort out. Gosh I'm at this place in my business and I just can't seem to move forward. I've got all these obstacles and one of the first decisions you have to make is okay. Is this a hobby or is this a business because if it's a hobby you can pretty much do what you WanNa do and not worry about making a lot of money but if this is what you are depending on to put food on the table and pay your bills then you gotta get serious and put some great structures in place in your business. Especially if you're a person who is a nice person like you Harjo and you enjoy helping people if you don't have great fences systems and processes in your business to protect you from the friendly monsters which clients can become You're going to end up burning yourself out because you're going to try to help people and you you are if you're not protected from your own Helpful nature buy good systems and processes people will take advantage of you. Suck the life out of you. Yeah I think that's a great point and and it's like you said they're friendly monsters. People aren't necessarily doing this on purpose. Some totally are absolutely those are maybe the easier ones to screen it. Sure they're being totally obvious Actually in as we record this I have prepped. Another episode the advice episode which I will link to In the show notes for this episode which you can find over at how I built dot. It's where I talk about a story of how I had a client who would I didn't? I didn't charge communication. I thought I should only charge.

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