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I think and are indignant because because I'm tired of managers about complaining complaining about their jobs being so hard because of mistakes they themselves have made and said differently. Little bit off the soapbox. I can understand you. And that would be because specifically sorry, I look it just pains me to see how grossly inefficient ineffective managers are at hiring people for their teams, we hire poorly, and then we complain because the very people we hired don't do not to be as good as we think they should be. When in fact, of course, we were the ones that made the offer to begin with because we don't know how to offer because we don't know how to interview in many many cases, it's like complaining about the clothes. You bought a week ago? You decided you bought them? Then you picked him out of your closet this morning. And now you're complaining about him. It's like. She's okay. So so maybe inflicted wound. Right. Yeah. Well, maybe you only had one foot up on the soap box. I I'm really, you know, to be honest. I don't feel like I'm on a soapbox. I think this is a really bad problem. And I think it is completely hidden in in large part because he here's something interesting for you think of it this way, how do most managers learn about hiring processes by going through it on the other side. And the fact is the two sides of the hiring process are going through a very different experience. And most managers never study the hiring side of it. And so it's completely hidden problem. People don't realize that a large part of managerial time is spent solving problems that they themselves created on the front end talent sourcing recruiting interviewing and hiring. And so on. Yeah. I I will completely agree with you on that one. You know, you don't it's really is such a systemic cause. Of so many other downstream issues performance retention succession planning productivity profitability. I am. So glad you said profitability, you know, most managers don't get. He's in fact, just say something real quick. I actually. I had a discussion today with somebody about profitability managers. The one guy said that you know, I just don't think about profitability in my is about bugged out of my head. So your head exploded most managers don't get that. So explain it. Okay, easy. If you hired the wrong person or not even the wrong person. Just someone who doesn't skill as well as you'd like, right? Because of that you can't get them. You can't give them more of the team to manage. Right. But you need to get more work out of the group there in right because you can't get more out of the group yori have which is what managed are supposed to do as you have to hire more people. And when you hire more people to do work that your competitor does with less people. They are more profitable than you. Yes. Perfect. You know, I I really think there ought to be a class in managerial economics, all that's a great idea. So let's let's create a series on it. Let's teach the basics of how managers exist in an economic framework. Right. And how managerial behave. Savior affects environment, right, and then how effective managerial behavior. Crates more economic value, and how ineffective behaviors destroys value and profits and ultimately companies to best idea of the month. Maybe one of the year, I can see this being a foundational set of casts teaching not so much management behavior. Although that obviously, it's a direct correlation to it. But rather the fundamentals of were management fits into the systems of capitalism. Finance all the stuff we deliver to coaching clients tangentially. Yes. Supporting arguments, not exactly what we're paid directly for because we're all in our work. We're always paid for baby change. But. Yeah, absolutely. This is the underlying rationale for everything that we do cool. Okay. We're we're going to do it. Definitely great little sidebar. But so let's get back to hiring. Yeah. Okay. Get there are three concepts. We wanna share about our hiring principle. Our fundamental number one hire in principle of set the bar high..

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