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And a hot two days got the job with the Joe Jack we know in the control room well Clark very deep in the squad's gave help me along with this top of the hour after a relatively quiet night last night that in the metro ad this is high time right I love that song I haven't bought the album yet I need to yes new stuff to listen to in the car yes you do show that's good so I played out during the week that's good stuff yeah good stuff as always no doubt about it is father's day weekend no we're gonna take up a much more serious looking father's day coming up at seven forty five as we hear from some fathers not new fathers that are having to parent in these unprecedented times for me at least my kids a little bit older there are you know they understand what's going on in and I think they're going to be okay and I'm knocking on all the simulated wood here in the studio that that they're going to continue that trend in of course nothing is ever certain but it what if you're a new dad and you're faced with just I mean is such uncertainty in the world especially in twenty twenty no doubt about it we'll get a series looking here from dads that actually the thoughts on that which I think are very important meanwhile my spirit animal when it comes to all things parenting is comedian Tom Papa anyways I'm Stephen Cole bear talking about we're dads want for father's day my father does not need presents there's no we don't your dad does not want you running around the mall buying many helicopters shirts he's not going to where dad is there he wants to see your face and that's it he has everything he needs think of your dad like a clam he's been there you wouldn't buy a clam a sweater he won't wear it neither will your father father's day is a tough time to get a sweater to causes in June yes that would be a horrible gift but you run out of other ideas form this is a man that is just he's like the couch it is our job to be there and be consistent mom changes changes their hair changing all the time kids change they grow their changing dad stays the same walks into the kitchen and the same shirt little hair sticking up in the back makes a goofy joke that imagine Steven if you came into the kitchen one morning with black lipstick and told everyone you're going goth if you've not had a chance to watch Tom pop in if you're a new parent or or you're a parent of kids who are just about the toddler age going into that next phase there's a lot of stuff you can identify with Tom Papa the ease just is absolutely brilliantly so right and so many accounts in fact he's the one that helped me realize he goes he said what it is I listen to this podcast and said his podcast because we're just dads we we we buy our clothes on a biannual basis and he is so right I was thinking about that because I always get I get dressed for work in the closet because family still sleep in their tires I go in the closet and turn the light on get dressed and I'm looking around my wife is I mean the closet is chock full of just her close it to the point where the door we have a shoe rack on the door the entire door is covered with shoes and then there's more shoes on the floor and then I look up at my stuff and I have the top rack we have to have a shelf yeah all my goodness it it's it's like it's this tiny little it is a tiny shelf in it out he's so right I buy my clothes on a biannual basis I just don't have them but there are some some things if you are looking for in it look the lists that are out there that they got the top gifts for dad for father's day I mean there's everybody has an individual listed because you cannot paint that sort of title with one brush because every dad is unique every dad wants something different but I did see one of the one of the things that at least I identified a little bit with and I'd like to think most dads could hear this the list from the folks at KSAT that in Salt Lake City who came up with this list and they said that get it it was a little break and it's it's just dad sometimes just wants to sit in and for the TV and just as well yesterday Smithsonian channel had some fantastic Juneteenth shows that wanna tweet about if you wanna look at my Twitter feed I I've I put him up there sometimes I just want to sit and watch the TV I just want to vet ge they're going to say you know dad needs a little break a renowned in sometimes we as Tom Pappas said sometimes that is just there so you don't notice like I can't tell you the number of times I go home and there's so much stress on my mind about whether it be here whether it be in my other job that I just don't even let the family know and in for instance ordering dinner with my family is a chore it's just a chore last night case in point nobody could agree on what they wanted so was that what do you wanna go I don't want anything there's two kilos in the freezer I will make those later on Fridays I eat later I have a cold beer you have to get gobsmacked but that just and I was sitting there listening to the three of them just go on and on and on about what they should have only got one wanted Chinese one wanted to tell him what a Mexican and they just went on and on it and you know I said to myself I said you know what so why I just exist I just sit here and do my own thing so much easier and they go on it again this list from KSAT they talk about family time and and there's no doubt about it I love my family time I I love.

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