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Christ. Oh my God. Well, that is sort of our goal. Help people realize their true potential. And see themselves for who they are. And by the way, while we're on the topic, don't think, you know, I was listening in before. This is what you guys find funny is joking about putting people into ovens. This is the kind of humor. It was Jared into a toaster oven. Quiznos. Jared. He looks Jewish. I don't know for you. Yeah, I think fogel. Are we claiming Jared? You know what? You might not want to. Why is going to test this? I was just at the intolerance museum just recently with my mom and sister. You said it again. You said you said tolerance museum that you were at the top. I was just recently at the tolerance museum with my mom and sister and talk about a third wheel. Clearly it gave you some ideas. Now this is interesting. Michael, your sister's cock blocking me. I was just at the tolerance museum. Is why do I think it's intolerance? It feels like that's because you want to do. That's what you practice. That's the nickname for your new apartment. I made that mistake. House. I will never make that mistake ever again. Here we go. Yes. I'm looking at you or not you dot com and it says Jared Fogle, it's unclear as to whether Jared Fogle is Jewish. So, oh, that's good to know. I searched for Jared Fogle Jewish and that was the top result on Microsoft Bing. Let me check a Wikipedia real quick. Maybe listen to all the Hanukkah songs really quickly. Here we go. The only way to know. Oh boy, here we go. He was raised in a Jewish home. He had a bar mitzvah while on a trip to Israel and then was confirmed by his conservative reconstructionist cynical. Sounds pretty Jewish. Unfortunately, I think you guys I think he's Jewish. Luckily for us, we don't talk about Israel, so it does sound like we don't really have to wait Jared. That's a Delhi boy's policy across the board. It's here to lord, all right. Number 8, this is the last item. Party one designates its president Michael Donovan Mitchell to sign on behalf of doughboys media and gen Deangelo. Wow. Yet you included two copies still. I guess one for me to keep. Yes. It's signed by the deli boys in the signature by the deli boys. I don't know if you guys signed that together. And there's a line for me to sign a dated this blank day of blank 20, 22, and I have to sign my name why, are we agreeing to this? There's also a return envelope. Evan and David Delhi boys and it says an address that I won't say. Yeah, it's a certain building. You're shared office. It seems like the summation of deal points here is that there's a deli boys season three that we are paying for and that we are putting in our main feed. And we'd have to agree to that in order for the way of saying it. In order for the two of you to agree to be our pickle correspondence, that's basically what's going on here. I'm going to say we don't agree to that. So I think you guys can't be our pickle correspondent. Yeah, I think that's it. That's it. I think the segment's over. I think the segment's over, but we can talk with Jen D'angelo about wait, hold on. Wait, hold on a second, in fact. I'm.

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