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Duke. Subsequently, made sure to protect him more thoroughly. And it wasn't until later that afternoon well, while Princeton was sitting in a bar that the archduke Franz Ferdinand just walked right in and Princip saw his opportunity and took it out the archduke and World War One kicked off all right number one there's a few honorable mentions obviously Lincoln. And there's a couple of French kings, but we're going to go ahead and a number one. All right. So Philip the second of Max or Mack on whichever you prefer he was the father of Alexander, the great and he was actually assassinated at his daughter's wedding. He was assassinated by a man named Stenius who was actually a King Philip's bodyguard as well as his lover so. Back then is very scandalous. It's much like game of thrones. If you go back and read about it, it's super interesting. Apparently, alias was raped by one of Philip. The second's other bodyguards at lists and King Philip. The second refuse to punish atlas as a result said that posthumous through blind rage killed his his lover Phillip, the second. and. It is said that the man was speared to death before he could escape he was apparently very near escaping. He had a bunch of horses setup ready to go but tripped on his way to his. To his escape horse, there are many speculations that he was actually hired to murder the king by the king's own wife. Who probably the most interesting. Woman in all of early history, she's really incredible. Probably the most interesting person in all of ancient history. It said that she hired. To murder her husband in order to get Alexander into the throne, and later, of course, he became Alexander the Great. So it's not too unreasonable to speculate that she was part of the assassination. It's a very cinematic murder very much like game of thrones. The kings, his daughter's wedding, and then he gets spirit by his best friend who was hired by his wife very interesting. But unfortunately, that's all I can give you a for now we've already gone way over but I still have enough time to thank you for listening to the GMC Weird News podcast fleas like share and subscribe leave a comment if you'd like and. Also remember to follow us on Instagram facebook or twitter. Thank you and have a good night. seat..

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