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And I <SpeakerChange> think <Speech_Music_Female> it's because <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> I've learned <Speech_Female> that <Speech_Female> death <Speech_Female> does not erase <Speech_Female> a life. <Speech_Female> It <Speech_Female> is simply the <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> the end <Speech_Female> of a life <Speech_Female> and it <Speech_Female> is a part of life <Speech_Female> but <Speech_Female> it doesn't have <Speech_Female> the power to undo <Speech_Female> everything <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> that someone <Speech_Female> lived through <Speech_Female> and all of the impressions. <Speech_Female> They made <Speech_Female> an all of the contributions <Speech_Female> they made <Speech_Female> to the people they <Speech_Female> love to the work <Speech_Female> they love to <Speech_Female> the world around them <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> I think really <Speech_Female> learning also <Speech_Female> that death is not <Speech_Female> failure. <Speech_Female> It doesn't <Speech_Female> mean you <Speech_Female> know people think that <Speech_Female> if you don't <Speech_Female> fight hard enough <Speech_Female> you <Speech_Female> give up and die <Speech_Female> if you don't keep a positive <Speech_Female> mental <Speech_Female> attitude all the time <Speech_Female> towards illness <Speech_Female> that <Speech_Female> you're giving up and you're GonNa <Speech_Female> die sooner <Speech_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> and I just don't believe <Speech_Music_Female> that's true. <Speech_Music_Female> I think that puts <Speech_Female> a lot of pressure. <Speech_Female> On people. To <Speech_Female> regard death as <Speech_Female> the ultimate enemy <Speech_Female> to resist <Speech_Female> it and <Speech_Female> the resistance to <Silence> what is <Speech_Female> is <Speech_Female> really one of the most <Speech_Female> common forms <Speech_Female> of suffering <Speech_Female> so <Silence> if we embrace <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> that death is part <Speech_Female> of our lives <Speech_Female> but it doesn't define <Speech_Female> us our <Speech_Female> lives will always <Speech_Female> stand on their <Speech_Female> own legs <Speech_Female> and will always be <Speech_Female> what they are <Speech_Female> than the idea <Speech_Female> of <Speech_Female> a life <Speech_Female> ending <Speech_Female> seems <Speech_Female> to me a little <Speech_Female> bit less <SpeakerChange> final <Speech_Female> and frightening. <Silence> <Speech_Female> Yeah <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> yeah <Speech_Female> <Silence> <Advertisement> if <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> if <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> uncertainty is not <Silence> <Advertisement> ultimately the enemy <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> then I <Speech_Female> think we get to live <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> in space between <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> with a little more <Speech_Female> a little more. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Well what I <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> what I hear in your store <Speech_Female> is like a <Silence> little more <SpeakerChange> courage <Silence> <Speech_Female> Sania. <Speech_Female> It was such <Speech_Female> a joy to talk with you <Speech_Female> today and <Speech_Female> honestly mic. Dreamy <Speech_Female> should be <Speech_Female> so lucky <Speech_Female> to have you as a doctor. <Laughter> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> Oh <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> well it has been <Speech_Female> a true pleasure. <Speech_Female> Kate and I <Speech_Female> treasure this <Speech_Female> opportunity to be <Speech_Female> in conversation with <Speech_Female> you and <Speech_Female> I know we're going to continue <Speech_Female> this for many years. <Silence> Oh <SpeakerChange> totally <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> Sinisa is <Speech_Female> so good at naming <Speech_Female> the fear at <Speech_Female> the heart of medicine <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Music_Female> at the heart of all <Speech_Music_Female> of us <Speech_Female> sometimes <Speech_Female> love cannot save <Speech_Music_Female> them. <Speech_Female> Saved US <Speech_Female> saved a life. We <Speech_Female> had together. <Speech_Music_Female> We are <Speech_Female> finite sometimes. Things <Speech_Music_Male> are just <Speech_Music_Female> uncertain <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> and nowhere. Is that <Speech_Female> fear more <SpeakerChange> obvious <Speech_Music_Female> than in a hospital. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Female> I don't know about <Speech_Female> you but the members <Speech_Female> of my family aren't <Speech_Female> medical professionals. <Speech_Female> Please <Speech_Female> in the name <Speech_Female> of all that is holy. <Speech_Male> No one <Speech_Music_Male> gave my data scalpel <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> so <Speech_Female> they love by becoming <Speech_Female> the hospital. Room <Speech_Female> cleaners and question <Speech_Female> asker and the <Speech_Female> more ice chip. Please demanders <Silence> <Speech_Female> everyone <Speech_Female> wondering <Speech_Female> how can we <Speech_Female> help the people we love <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> as <Speech_Female> they walk in the borderlands <Music> <Music> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> that <Speech_Female> day in the bathroom? I <Speech_Female> said this Anita <Speech_Female> Hey I just got <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> a call from the hospital <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> and I need to go back in <Speech_Female> and I am terrified. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> And she grabbed my hand. <Speech_Female> Listen <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> carefully <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> asked some <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> extremely precise <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> questions <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and told me what <Silence> <Advertisement> I should expect. <Speech_Female> I should expect <Speech_Female> this kind of language <Speech_Female> from a doctor <Speech_Female> I could ask for. This <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> I could feel encouraged <Speech_Female> or discouraged <Silence> <Advertisement> by this and that <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> and she silently prayed <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> for me <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> not once <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> commenting <SpeakerChange> on how sweaty <Silence> my hands were. <Music> <Silence> <Speech_Female> The <Silence> next scan was fine. <Speech_Female> It was <Speech_Female> fine <Speech_Female> as far as

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