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PM and the comedy store on Sunday at Eleven PM and and believe ten thirty in the main room. GET THAT TICKET INFO ATOM RAY COMEDY DOT COM Brad Williams has the weekend can often the next weekend he will be in spokane Washington. Go See Brad Williams and spokane Washington October third fourth and fifth with Brad Williams comedy Dot Com for tickets next week and I will be with Dan Cook in Ames Iowa on October third in Minneapolis on the fourth in Detroit Michigan on the fifth baby so come out and see me. Dan Cook all that ticket INFO AT ADAM RATE COMEDY DOT com. Today's episode is bonus episode. Oh yeah baby because what coming coming up on five hundred which will be the end of our boy Brad Williams with his run on the about last night podcast but don't fret changes are coming. good changes new fund changes. The podcast is not stopping so make sure you stay subscribed continue to tell your friends and family continue to rate that shit tunes and and comment on the I tunes page wherever you get it spotify youtube sound cloud keep on jamming with us because we ain't going anywhere but we'll take things up a notch and wishing brad the best in his journey with his family but we have big announcements coming from Brad and I next last week. some really big that we're doing. That almost seems too big but we're fucking. Doing it and it's going to be a a weekend chance for you. The fans to kick with Brandon I in other comics and bands and man. It's going to be crazy so stay tuned that Info will be released next week. today's episode is a bonus episode assode with Taylor Tomlinson you know or from her networks fifteen special. You're from Conan the tonight show what's happening. What's it's called the show with Fred Savage. There was fucking hilarious on Fox and she's getting ready to tape her first. Our NETFLIX special on November tenth at the Aladdin hadn't theater in Portland Oregon so hey if you live anywhere near Portland or even in the North West go see one of the funniest up and coming comics Taylor Thomas and and that ticket Info folks is go to her instagram at Taylor Tomlinson and get all the INFO or Google Taylor Thomas Netflix special November tenth Aladdin. Theatre the the APM show sold out so you gotta go late show which has got to be honest more fun anyway. It's the better show you know it's looser..

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