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9 33 and the Supreme Court, rejecting an effort by the Trump campaign to overturn election results in four states. More on that story in just a couple of minutes. Let's go check the roads. Theseus Maru. Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three solo Rob Tomorrow, Charlie and there's some good news there. The overhead vehicle has been cleared rather quickly. We had reports of external drive east near Clarendon. We're told it's gone now. No problem says You work your way into the city and the lower deck in from Sullivan Square. Over. There's a comm the Tobin in airport tunnels. Not bad. The expressway both ways moving well, Ruth three along the South Shore looks good from Weymouth down to the Cape 24 95 or okay down the road Island not see any delays out west on the pike. Just keep in mind. The ramp from Mass and to the pike West is closed for the weekend till 5 a.m. Monday. North of town. 3 93 95 look good up to New Hampshire Rue one is clear through Saugus. Upper End of 1 28. No complaints from the pike up. Torrance Peabody. Rob Piccolo WBZ is traffic on the threes. Robert is 9 34 win the world of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season, beautify your home with award winning windows, doors, siding and roofing. Guaranteed everyday low prices Visit Window World the Boston dot com Now that's window world of boston dot com. Accurately forecast Matt Ben's tells us Today we'll see some fog will see some clouds. And we'll get to some rain. Probably By this afternoon. It could be heavy at times. Temperatures mid forties in Boston. Little.

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