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In fact, if you remember early in the campaign was actually with the campaign, and then they separated publicly privately there's a little question about how much they separated, but. Separated publicly because I think both stone and Trump. No, they shouldn't be together. If this guy is going to be present in the United States. I mean, he Jason you have the details on the on the actual charges. But the the overall thing I think as far as relevant to the presidency is you know, we talked about this at the beginning. I've had lots of issues with Trump and was not optimistic about his presidency. We've covered many times the things that have exceeded my expectations. He's done a lot of things that I did not think he would do. But one of the real problems I had with him at the beginning was the people he was surrounding with Paul Manafort, we we made a big list of this the beginning these people should not be anywhere near Donald Trump. And listen to the names, it's like, Paul Manafort, Roger stone on Orosa, Michael Flynn. Steve Bannon, and there's one of their oh, Michael Cohen was the other big one. I mean, all of these people have come back to burn Donald Trump in one way or the other. We send through the campaign. None of those people were good influences. None of those people are good advisors. Competence should be competent should be around the president now. And so I think that lesson has long been learned by I mean, the reason why you know, these people aren't backing his orbit largely because I think he's learned that lesson but any replace them with some of them with much better people. I just I think this is one of those situations where he is I think unquestionably in massive trouble. And he is a a massive liar. And honestly that the only good thing about that. Is that will be his defense? Yes. These things are in text from each of the of the ministration, but I was lying because I'm a liar. And I honestly he's he's a hype man, I I was trying to make myself look better. I was trying to make myself look like the guy who's in charge. I'm in touch with all the. Information. I've got all these secret connections. You need me. And he's got act as if that was the real thing. Whether that's true Jason indications in the report say that he did have more information than you know, what he's saying. Now kind of denying. He was actually in the no, I mean, the documents say, otherwise, yeah, they say a lot really. And I think this kind of signals the end of the beginnings of the end of this investigation. I think that it is winding down now. But whichever side you're on your either gonna you're probably going to be very very disappointed. I think at the end of this disappointed as in on the on the Trump side, if how about the lay this out if it goes in this direction, Donald Trump could be a lot of trouble here. Actually, if it goes in a certain way on the other side, this could mean because none of this. None of the stuff in the indictment shows Russia collusion, you're gonna have a hard time proving anything along those what they set out to do in the first place, and if they found as far as. We know the found zero collusion from anybody's for. So the indictment again it reads like stereo instructions, but it's very hard to go through these. Because it's legally there's only so many things they can say as far as names. So you'll see person one person to organization all that stuff. These are the people the main people involved in the indictments there's organization one which is WikiLeaks. There's head of organization, which is Julian Assange, and then person one that helped out Roger stone. Register was in contact with is Jerome Corsi. So this is the info wars reporter, he was daily or guy. Yeah, he was helping to reach out to Julian Assange, she knew somebody in WikiLeaks. But he's kind of like a almost like a secondary person in this whole thing. The main person is person to who is Randy critic. Oh, I believe his name and Randy credit co is a a comedian DJ in New York something like that..

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