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Conditions where you need to grow, you need to make sure you get enough nutrients. Those are places where not going to go want to go very long. In fact, it doesn't mean you need to eat all the time. But, you know, going wrong is not recommended. The other major thing is if you're underweight, that is, if you don't have If your body mass index is, for example, less than 20, you know, And you know the body mass index about about 25 normal down below 18.5 is considered underway. If you don't have the body fat stores, and you shouldn't go that long, right? It's just logical that you shouldn't be fasting for long periods of time. But other than that, that's about it. Almost everybody else. Hand fast, because, remember our bodies have that ability to store energy. It's sort of like your refrigerator yet you put food in the fridge so that you don't have to go to the supermarket three times a day. Like that's the same thing as our body. Does. Our body put some of the food the food energy into body fat, So when you don't eat, it will just take some out. That's all. So the whole I ideas that most people can fight. That's what brought us to survive for thousands of years. Otherwise, we would never be able to survive. You know, a period where where we had no food available well, and you talk about in the book that when we were hunter gatherers, we didn't have food at the ready in the drive through. It was work. We ate more like animals of the wild, and I want to get to that in just a moment more with Dr Jason Fung coming up from Portland to Albany and all Eight cities in between. So why Michael Barry show is nationwide. Register.

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