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How does this affect both of their journeys. I expect I expect missed when the batch. I think they, you know, it's the same thing talked about forever. They just like the MS a lot better than Daniel Bryan. And you know, I think I think it's it's another one where you beat the fans, you know you, you, you have the guy that you know the, the people think you have the people like me who just told the narrative. I just told them about the two. You know, it's again no misses the one who's the superstar. He's the one who's the, you know, the guy that's accomplished more. He's the one who wins the wins, the wins the match. So that's what that's what I'm expecting. I mean, they're advertising getting vying for a bunch of stuff now. So I mean, I haven't seen an announcement that he's resigned, but I'm I'm strongly assuming at this point that he's at least verbally agreed to stay on for a certain amount of time. And if they haven't come to an agreement on a long term agreement, he's at least committed to, you know, working until. They either come to a long term agreement or they decide that they're going to break. So you know with that with that in mind that that gives them availability to him, but given that they haven't made the announcement that he's staying that also makes me think that they're not going to be fully invested him even by their standards. And you know, they, they had, they had him go over cast, but casts was they fired cast right after and you know, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm expecting. I'm expecting MS to to to win this one. Yeah, I wonder. I question because I don't know what the timeframe is for MS to go baby face, but I assume that that's in the plans or it might be long ways off or not. I don't know. But this has the feeling of a story that you could tell where there's sort of mutual admiration and they and you can resent it and hate it or not. But we're Brian sorta gives the MS has good match with Brian. They have their, they fight it out. And there ends up with some sort of mutual respect. There attained team fighting against a couple heels. They have a common issue with her or at it, at least plants the seed for MS to be a baby face in there. So short on baby faces on smackdown right now with Randy Orton he'll turn even with Rousseff kind of leaning strongly baby face. Obviously at this point they got styles, Brian, hardy, and Rousseff. So Brian sticks around. That's it. And so not that you'd rush. MS turn, but maybe they think, well, returning MS, therefore we can afford to turn Randy. So I'm just kind of batting those things around in my head..

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