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Spurs, Leonard, Zaza Pachulia discussed on GSMA Basketball Podcast


Don't dump oh all right welcome back to the g smc basketball podcast so far today we've talked about the nba games last night which was thursday and we talked about the nc aa men's basketball fbi probe that is going on i can says is only beginning is going to be more come announce we got to stay tuned from that it'll be like a little fluid situation emphasising that were just pretty much going to talk about the spurs and kuwaiti leonard okay so here we are aren't quite leonard's only played nine games this season but now with a quote injury on things to say majori that zaza pachulia gave to him but either way he's been out for awhile okay and he did try to get say tried come back played nine games and it just wasn't working out so we were backed rehab is injury will turns out now he's medically cleared to come back and play but kowa has the final say okay on whether or not is coming back and co wise final say is that year i'm not coming back yet swab seek why leonard isn't doesn't feel that he is healthy enough orders and feel comfortable enough to go back out there all right and this is a bit of a weird situation to break open okay because it's like this all right so choir leonard his job is to play for the spurs okay and i mean let me see me go out this little bit clearer okay so let's see i mean kawhi leonard i mean yeah whose job is a play for the spurs and he's medical cleared so it's like you can go out and play for the spurs but i mean kawhi has the mentality to where you know what auto feel comfortable enough so am i going to go out there and you not on find without art f houses spurs fan i'm sure i'd be kind of frustrated with it and pretty much be angry a little bit i guess i will own on defence they'll get like that but either way i mean it's kinda kinda wonder how the team feels about a to like the guy's medically cleared we just chooses stay out and i'm not sure if it's just 'cause they he really doesn't feel dislike he doesn't folk by comfort folk full comfort into and his quad or officials because before 'cause remember if you remember the story that came out.

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Spurs, Leonard, Zaza Pachulia discussed on GSMA Basketball Podcast

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