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Michael spats, I t h. You can also tweet us at underscore Zach Shaw. Oh, you want to invite everybody into or you can tweet us at Anthony sly on air, which is Anthony Sylvestre, which shouldn't be Anthony S Y L, not Anthony sly on air. It's just an inside joke, man. You can also interrupt MRs staycationing tweet Adam is on air goods, you that you could do that. We joked about what MS was doing yesterday when the show first began sleeping, and he thought he was eating breakfast. So we're now we're at twelve forty five should be your next Twitter poll staff, what is this doing here at at ten? Oh, seven AM because I got to say, you know, back in back when we used to alternate days off, I would sleep into like eleven thirty just because like writing full-time and doing this. And and other things, you know, it's just a guy. I would be more tired than I realized. So if I get like, the blackout curtains going and don't have an alarm and don't have anything to wake up for. It's like. All the way till like eleven was you missed our conversation yesterday where we discussed that. I can't sleep in on weekends past like seven thirty eight o'clock sad life because because of waking up at six o'clock days. But then I have I have a buddy who will he'll wake up at. I mean because he's a traveling in the Salt Lake medical sales. And so he's on the road like five forty five most days and on the weekends. He sleeps till like eleven thirty. I don't know how he pulls it off. I gotta just don't. Yeah. Well, that's what it used to be. I would crash and just not wake up because my body needed it. I think now that it's more of a regular schedule. It's harder for me to sleep in. I think that might be part of it with your friend is like it varies a lot by the day. It's not a regular schedule. So he's bodies not like time to wake up. Could be could be. I just don't know how he pulls it off and Amy like just sleep in longer than I do. But I like it if it's eight o'clock on a Saturday morning, like I'm up like I've got the coffee going like I'm getting out of the house doing something going for a ride or for Ron or something like that. I just can't sit there, and do I can't that's the only thing I cannot just lay in bed when you wake up like I can't just lay there for a half hour and do nothing drives me up a wall. True false, Tuesday's children eighteen year review edition. Michigan has taken control of the rivalry with Michigan state in football. Seventy one percent of you think that that is true. Michigan has taken control Michigan has control of the Michigan state rivalry in basketball. Eighty three percent. People think it's true that they have control the basketball than the football. I gotta say I think surprises me a little bit. I know they've won the last three I know that people love John beeline line. Just like, I do but basketball. So I mean you got play on their core. The breslin center is difficult place to play. There are talented team. I don't think it's ever going to have as we said complete control of the rivalry in basketball. The two thousand eighteen football season was the best year of the Harbaugh campaign. Thus far sixty six percent of you say that that is true couple responses to sixteen because he kept Ohio State game within a touchdown. How 'bout true false Michigan football season is a success with ten wins. Even if they lose to a high of states, Nathan Ferguson, I can't answer win the ballgame. And yes, not than sixteen was finished the job. Well, that's kind of funny because he didn't finish the job until sixteen. So I don't I don't know. Matt johnson. I'd say telling sixteen was no blowouts. Three losses by total of five points that season hinged on two or three plays. I think that good that team was good enough to win. It all don't take me down that rabbit hole Matt's. All right. So Michigan's offense a philosophy proved successful until eighteen and needs a few minor tweaks not a complete overhaul. Sixty percent say that that is true sack. Okay. That's a prize me a little bit. I there's a lot of people that are very anti this offense right now. I just think you got to throw the ball more. I think you gotta I mean again, Donald people's Jones Meco Collins Zach John tree your three best offense playmakers. You want to throw in their Oliver Martin you want to throw in their Tariq black. Who was you know, the rumor yesterday was shot down that he's transferring. I mean, you want to like Chris Evans as a wide receivers probably better than as a runner, Terry. Yeah. Well, he's gone now he's gonna be gone for chosen nineteen. But yeah, all these guys that you need to get the ball to. And he need them. Getting the ball in space. Let. Them make place. There's no excuse for having guys like Donald people's Jones finishing with thirty nine catches in a season. There's no excuse can't think of one. And finally in the chills and eighteen year review true or false, Tuesday's mo- Wagner. Cemented himself as the third best player of the John B line era. Sixty six percent of you think that that is true. So there you go. That's how people weighed in here. Our show tomorrow. We'll have our six on six we'll probably get into a little bit. Did you see what Jim Delany so that he's open to exploring playoff expansion? Yeah. I mean getting on board. We talked about the brokers kind of saying they're open to her broker the administrators in college football. Not surprised. I mean it. The only people who don't want. It are Alabama Clemson who on easier path to the national championship. That's it. That's those are the only people. And honestly, it's like if you're the SEC like, yeah, you make a ton of money in the SEC championship game. But you'd also make ton of money having two or three teams in the playoff every year. Because there's no way the SEC isn't getting one of those at largest, I mean just this year. They had what four top eleven teams. You know, it's so, yeah, they're the only people that don't want it. Alabama doesn't want it because they don't wanna play an extra game. But like everybody else in the country wants it. And it makes sense. It's much more. Whatever we've had this one hundred times. Well, we'll do our six on six tomorrow Jimmy Mitton and coming in into discuss the biggest sports law stories of the year. Plus, we'll talk to Bill bender just for a few minutes. Thursday's show. I have no idea what Thursday show is yet. So we'll figure that out as we go along here. We've got a little bit early because we went over, and we missed some of our commercial breaks help every has a great rest of their day. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine out there here in southeast. Michigan was inside the huddle on sports talk. Ten fifty w ticket. Lately, it seems like.

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