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AM and ninety four one FM belong as always with by partner. But by the way, what's what's happening? Christian TOTO at Hollywood and her dot com. There is a new movie review for film that will talk about next week miss Bala, which Rodriguez it's a remake of an of a Spanish language film. And it's about a young woman who is kind of caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with the drug cartels in Mexico. And she has to not only survive but fend for herself. So I don't know how well it will do at the box office. I it's not a big draw. But I had some real issues with the movie it's sort of ambitious in a certain way of kind of a mess and others. So we'll we'll dig deeper into that next week. All right. So back to STAN and Ollie. The opening scene is set in nineteen thirty seven at the height of their career when they're working for how Roach at Warner Brothers. And what you're what you're watching is their performance. In a dance number called way out west. Now, they won't be confused with Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers as far as dancing skills, but their choreographed dance steps were amusing. Yes. And they do this to the. The. A number called way out west as I mentioned, you'll see this repeated later in the show as well. And they're doing it in a studio with a phony backdrop, it's a western seen behind them. You get a sense of what it looks like in a movie studio, but that only lasts a few minutes, and then they fast forward sixteen years later, the nineteen Fifty-three and by then they're affair was their careers were in their twilight and ALI'S health because of his weight girth was failing and they decide to take a tour in Europe. Culminating in big show in London. And this is also going to be part of the promotion for a takeoff on Robin Hood is right. That STAN is writing because that's what STAN does STAN is very serious offstage, and STAN is also a tough businessman. Trying to renegotiate a contract. And this is key. I was aware of this historical note before I saw the movie how Roach who's famous was involved with with so many famous vaudeville comedians who then moved into silent movies, Charlie Chaplin, and others was no was notoriously stingy, and he had maneuvered it. So that stands contract and ALI'S contract expired a different dates several months apart. So they couldn't hold out for a raise as a team very clever now Ali wanted more money, but he wasn't gonna push it. But STAN did push it and confronted you see this scene. Confronted on a set. How roach? How Roach is playing played by Danny Danny Huston who's who's the son of that great director and actor John Houston, and he's always played. Villains. I mean, really nasty Bill if you remember magic city that movie about Miami in the nineteen fifties. He was a terrible brutal gangster capable of all kinds of torture. So when you see Danny Houston, you're not gonna get somebody who's a snowflake. That's right. So. He he was so steadfast than so intransigent that STAN winds up splitting from Ali and getting another partner for which Ali never forgave him. This is very important to the movie and use discover this early. So it's not a pod killer. So in comparison to what the stars are like today because when you become famous you have much more clout and more money and more power. But back then it was the studio types who pulled most of the strings, so they just didn't have the ability to fight back. It's like major league baseball before. Exactly. Exactly. All right. So pick it up from there. Yeah. And so it's they're going on a tour, and they are finding not exactly full houses. They are struggling financially. They've got divorces behind them that like to make more money, and they also want to get more fame kind of get back in the good graces of Hollywood to make that Robin Hood comedy and things are not going. Well, there there's sort of a little bit of animosity between them the shows are not doing well. But they still have some of that magic. They still have some of that drive. And as the story goes on they get a little bit of the old Mojo back, and it's all about that transformation. And also the bond between these two figures who are very different. Different appetites, but they had a respect for each other in a love that is very important in it. I almost feel like the movie was good up until there's one big confrontation with the rest of which is flat out great. Steve Coogan who plays STAN laurel is a very popular British comedian who is famous for doing impressions, everybody from Al Pacino to Sean Connery and Michael Caine? He's great and Michael Caine. So Steve Coogan is part of this. He and rob Brydon do these movies called the trip? The trip to Spain the trip to Italy. I think there may be two or three now. Anyway, it's just like a travelogue quasi scripted. They go to these different restaurants, and they sampled their fares. And these two men and a middle aged now are talking about their wives and relationships and comedy in their careers. It's it's like they're playing themselves, but kind of a car not a cartoonist, but sort of a fictional version. And they're very funny, and very charming, very, talented, fellow and Boise. He here and classic movie teams. Oh, Abbott and Costello Martin and Lewis, Ginger Rogers, and Fred Astaire, we're not always off the screen as friendly with. Each other as they appear to be I think that Abacus Stella were much more acrimonious offscreen than these two characters. But I I had a quote from Lou Costello who called lowland and hardy the funniest comedy team of all time. So pretty pretty good praise. Yeah. Their classic. I do yourself a favor and see this movie, especially if you grew up with laurel and hardy, even if you didn't. But especially if you grew up with you know, as we discussed it's unlimited distribution you can see to chase artiste. I don't know where else is playing in the Denver areas. Shea Surtees in art house, and they have films it wouldn't be any place else because they're not gonna do that big box office. But it was just a great experience, and it's only just over ninety minutes. Yeah. And expected a sentimental journey at insects such a good film. But it was Santa mental in in many places. In addition to that, there's a wonderful line. You'll look for toward the end of the movies are very tender moment where Ollie tells STAN I'll miss us when we're gone. I mean, it brought a tear to my. Yeah. It was it was very poignant. We've got Bob. Who's remember? Mike Rosen cub in new member he still saw the movie, and he wants to tell us what he thought about it. Go ahead, Bob. Hey, timing. Well, I did kind of grow up with. The comedian referring to and I did have. I can't remember the Hanna Barbera cartoon in the mid sixty gosh and. Mike was using the word putting it in the category of Dr throw throwing and I had bought it as a bio pic? But maybe the words of Senator close enough. I think sure tomato I say tomato. Also earlier struggled the technical term for that is controller Quist figures a dummy because I I was gonna. My horn and say, I want a talent show have been. Okay. Little rural Colorado. Did you keep moving your lips? We're out of people liked it. I I did get a prize. And I I believe I had some accolades there will you probably didn't know this. But I can do ventriloquist without moving my lips. I'll give you an example. None of the words are intelligible. But I don't move my. All right. Timeless in a home run. A baseball term. And what about the relationship with the two I found it very touching and real talk about their connection. It opens with the sort of tit for tat argument and know. Gentlemen, do with your precis earlier. But I thought the worst betrayal came up, and I wanted to mention that. Could have the. Title of the movie down and all and then. It's also a tale of reconciliation at the end. Both as my pointed out, they both seem to. Expression appreciation for one another and what they've done over. The course of a long career, I gather that Laura wasn't making much money before he was put together with Harvey. Yeah. They're they're actually working in the same studio and sometimes together, and then someone said, hey, these guys have chemistry. Let's put them together directly and make that combination. Bob, I'm going to give you if you haven't already gotten what about a couple of minutes to come up with a clever unit of measure on a scale of one to five that has something to do with the movie Christian. I will throw in.

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