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Perform at the top at the top of your ability. And most guys, I would say 99% of guys, when they find one person, whether it be massage therapist, whatever it is, they lock down that person, okay? It is not normal to go out there and go out and get 60 plus women for a masseuse. That is not normal behavior. It is predatory behavior in my opinion when you go out there and you're trying to, you know, solicit that many people to perform that type of act. And so again, I'm just going to repeat it again. That is not normal behavior by deshaun Watson. I play 13 years in the league and through massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. There were 5 people that worked on my body. And that's how it usually is, and that's how a lot of athletes know just like Demi is talking about how specific we are. If you get something that doesn't work, a bad treatment, then it can affect you going into a game and that's where you just can't have something like that. It affects your performance. So this is alarming. And this just isn't going away. I mean, I've had conversations with my wife recently now. I've been out of the league a long time, just explaining what's going on with the Sean Watson. So every time a Cleveland Brown player is asked about deshaun Watson and he has to either, I don't know, do you voice support and voice about, okay, it's just about who he is when he enters the building. It's hard to do. And especially if you have strong beliefs on this field, you're right, compartmentalize is the right word because, I mean, he's your quarterback, and he's going to help you win games eventually, and you have and you have to make this work. I understand you have to make this work, but this just isn't going away any time soon because these lawsuits will continue into the off season. And it's going to be a long drawn out process for the Cleveland Browns organization. So I thought woody said something that was really interesting. It's not normal. But the browns and the other teams that were interested in deshaun Watson, they raised the question of, but is it criminal? You know, having all these different masseuses is that a crime? The browns and other teams who were interested in deshaun Watson are comfortable living in the gray. Comfortable saying, well, we weren't there, but we did our due diligence. And we feel comfortable that Desean, what he's saying versus these women, we're okay with what we've uncovered, but here's the thing for the browns. They have to bank on the fact that nothing else will come out going forward. They are tied to him for 5 years, $230 million guaranteed. They are tied to him GM Andrew berry, the haslam. This is their decision and they're going to ride with Desean because he's such a good football player. Well, if any more information comes out, the browns are not previously aware of. Or if anything yesterday was not even there aware of as well, then I'm not sure they did enough of their own due diligence. Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on car insurance? Of course he would, and when it comes to great rates on insurance, Geico can help. Like with insurance for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV. Even help with homeowners or renters coverage, plus at an easy to use mobile app available 24 hour roadside assistance and more and Geico is an easy choice. Switch today and see all the ways you could save. It's easy. Simply go to Geico dot com or contact your local agent today. There you see him, the two names in the center of the Steelers quarterback competition, Mitch stib, and Kenny Pickett, who vet and The Rookie. They're going to compete for the job this summer, but for now, they're working their way through OTAs. This is like elementary school at this point of the off season. And just within the last hour, each of them spoke here at the edge to say. We got a great quarterback room. I like the guys we got in there. We've also been building relationships in there as well. So it's competitive every day, but at the same time, with my experience, I'm hoping the young guys, I feel like when I communicate with them, it also helps me talk to this offense and I feel like I get to know it that much better as well. Yeah, the mentor word, I mean, I don't think it's, like I said, it's on his job to just sit there and teach me. I'm going to ask questions. I'm going to watch him. It's really my job to ask questions and to learn from him and watch how he does things. There's kind of a fine line between that mentoring thing, but we have a great relationship and everything's going smoothly. No one better to talk steelers with than our great ESPN NFL nation steelers reporter, Brooke Pryor, who was at the facility today talking to the players, and the coaches broke good afternoon. And what is the team had to say about the quarterback competition that's at least going on now, a really heat up later on this summer. Look, field, I don't want to get you too excited because it is June, but I did watch a quarterback lead to two minute drill with crowd noise in Pittsburgh today. Granted, the crowd noise was coming from an iPod and they were in shorts, but Mitch trubisky ran a two minute drill. They scored in it. It was a touchdown pass to Chase claypool. Yesterday they also simulated a game like two minute drills at the end with Kenny Pickett and mason Rudolph, neither one of those guys scored mason Rudolph was picked off. Kenny Pickett had a really nice completion to Connor Hayward, but just ran out of time. Look, quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan told me it's not gonna be perfect right now. These guys are trying to earn their white belts in jiu-jitsu. And Sullivan would know about that. He's actually a purple belt in jiu-jitsu, white belt is the very first one. It's what you earn after you kind of set the foundation for everything that you're learning. I asked Kenny Pickett about that. I said, do you feel like you're earning your white belt? And he said, I know one thing's for sure. I don't have a black belt at anything. So everyone is still learning, like you said, it's elementary school right now in this quarterback competition. I learned two things. Don't mess with Mike Sullivan, their quarterback coach, and Brooke, go find that iPod because I think they just got discontinued. Whoever owns that might have themselves a hidden treasure, they could sell on eBay for like a million bucks, a little bit later on in the future. Thanks as always, Brooke. All right, so last season, this Dior is posted a total QBR as a team of just 35.9 by far the lowest mark of any team that actually made the playoffs. The next closest two teams were the eagles in forty-niners, both had at least a 13 point gap. In fact, last season Pittsburgh became the third team to make a postseason with a sub 40 QBR, that metric was introduced back in 2006. All right, David, I want to know what level of belt you already have. But more importantly, can they get enough out of either of these quarterbacks to make it back to the playoffs? You know, that's an interesting question field. I go back to the off season to what Mike Tomlin talked about as far as the quarterback position. He wanted to get more mobility out of the quarterback position. We know that Big Ben towards the latter part of his career really was a statue back there and in today's game we sent a lot of these quarterbacks being able to make plays off platform and out of the pocket with their legs. And I think when you look at Mitchell trubisky, you know, he was a polarizing guy, you know, during his time with the Chicago Bears. And I think he, you know, going to buffalo really had an opportunity to kind of sit back behind Josh Allen and kind of reset everything that was going on with his career. And now move note to the Pittsburgh Steelers, he gets an opportunity to display that dimension that Mike Tomlin was talking about, the running and being implemented in this offense. So I think mister biscuit has a great opportunity with the weapons around him to really really elevate that quarterback.

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