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BP on-location man I mean on the cellphone tonight usually we get, you you know in the in the Panish. Office there with all the encyclopedia britannicas behind you all these lawbooks and, you know but not tonight you're out. On, the road BP. Was out of, having dinner with some friends that are in Chicago the Michigan state fans and. Notre Dame oh there you go so all right Michigan saying we're going, to get. To the top twenty five duty like Michigan. Notre Dame I. Like Michigan Well they. Won't like that. Don't tell Michigan And why? Do you like I shape Patterson a, lot I think the kids the real deal I think Michigan's defense with eight starters back might be the best in the. In, the in college football in the NFL yeah they might be the rank up, there in the top twenty of the NFL but they're definitely in the. Top five college football defense, is this year so. I think you know Harbaugh's got. A guy I think that can make plays they haven't had that quarterback that can. Make plays Michigan state. Law rookie their. Quarterback he can make plays he's blue collar and so that, may be why Michigan state is ranked Adam Michigan twelve. To fourteen even though the win totals Michigan they both started at nine Bri Michigan. Went from nine to nine and a half Michigan state. Went, from nine to eight. And a half What are you figure that as well I, just I think people are convinced that Michigan was shape Patterson is, going to be, a better team than Michigan state so we'll wait and see could come down to that. Game and Harbaugh is had trouble beating dantonio. And he's had trouble beating. Urban Meyer, and? So we don't know? If they'll get the opportunity to. Be urban Meyer looks like Meyer may be able to? Sidestep this whole thing at least a, little bit and keep his job we'll get into that and just a second but real quick before we get with sports. X., Michelle I made it to Panish family stadium and I didn't want to rain, on your parade 'cause I know everybody's tugging I gotta be with Panish. On the opening day Panish, family stadium and I. Got there and I got there. Early so I made sure that I was eating and everything and I went to. Get a shirt to. Have a Bosco. Shirt and you know I'd have the Bosco Braves and and, and and and the date and everything on there and. Literally the credit card machine went down I was the next person I'm like what. What do you mean and I didn't have enough cash Cash and I had. Saved enough cash to. Make sure you know, I could eat and everything so got a couple burgers got a coq I'm sitting. Over on the dog I'm sitting over, on the other side I'm watching it because the Bosco side. Was packed so fast I went to the other side and. All the overflow was mostly Bosco fence Tim few Utah God bless them they they brought some people up they played their hearts out but. His forty nine nothing Bosnia I know you guys called off the dogs your. Quarterback is fantastic and I will tell you this I just texted you just to let you know BP I. Was there I got a picture I tweeted. Out in front of the stadium I loved it I, had a great time is the perfect, night for football leaving the desert getting there the. Weather was impeccable and you. Call me right back and you're like where are, you Thompson and, I'm like I'm right across and you're like get. Up here and you're out there from the from the, booth and next thing there I am prestigious campus brand new stadium, and there I, am walking right up past all these people that are like who's this joker and I. Just keep going then I get there then. I come around then I. Go into, the? Box then all the? Who's who were in the box there with you but then panish she's doing a halftime interview at the top of the roof overlooking the halls and he goes come on thompson so all of a sudden i go from just being the peon on the other side of the field to the guy standing next to panish listening to the halftime interview thank you brian had a great time Well you could make it, and it was great night no doubt about it was an awesome night reflect on it real, quick because I, know you're a. Family man look you're a very successful guy you've got a lot of money but you've got morals and you're a family guy and you love bad and I loved in. The stadium. Name it's Panish family stadium Obviously a. Lot to my family To the school and I'm just blessed and fortunate that I can make something that'll help make, the light better for these. Kids and it's a full education, there's lots of football field field but in the classroom and, those life lessons that. You learn carry it through life and I don't know better way than being going through football season with a group, of players and teammates and coaches teach somebody what hard work and discipline and. What what it's like to be Lose. And have to get back up and ready to play. Again Brian Panish not only played at Saint John Bosco coach there in eighty and eighty one couple, titles and then of course onto Fresno state played for coach Sweeney. Seventy-seven team was honored last year at. The stadium same night Derek cars number was retired. Had a great time. There, we're.

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