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WGN's Jenna Barnes in a statement, Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson say this vote affirms the strength and fairness of our plan, which provides families and employees certainty about returning to schools and guarantees the best possible health and safety protocols. Under the agreement, pre K and Cluster program students will return to Chicago Public schools for in class learning Tomorrow. Kindergarten through fifth grade returns. March 1st six through eight grade returns. March 8th. Still no agreement on a return for high school students. Rockford Public schools Far northwest of Chicago, has a method to entice teachers to work in its district. It helps pay for their housing a school board. They're just yesterday agreed to continue that program. $750 per month. Stipend and Matt said occur is chief human resource officer for Rockford Schools for Ah, young teacher, a young professional to, you know, have a have a solid career good paying job, And then at the very beginning, we offered to help out with some rent assistance. You know, we're hoping that those are the types of senators that again get him to Rockford programs just entering its second year, they'd hope did it fund the stipend for up to 10 teachers? District officials there say due to the pandemic, it's so far being provided to four indoor service at Chicago. Restaurants and bars expands tomorrow, owners can increase it to the lesser of 25% capacity or 50 people per room or floor. 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez tells WGN's and the plant as he hopes people take advantage of that celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend up your restaurants out there struggling for round Chinese.

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