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How well's individual going to communicate with others within the organization to drive the change and so communication styles need to alter slightly also another one is being able to delegate effectively and When you go up the ladder you have got to start doing less. And so it's sometimes. It's a shock to people that your new job is sitting in meetings and listening to other people and finding themes and when you figure out what the theme is figure out how to break that down to solve. so it is is communication and In like marshall smith likes to say what got you here won't get you there. And so you know you you get a certain point and you've been pigeonholed. Maybe that you're just a really good manager. But they don't see you in that light of of executive presence and being able to lead a a large room of individuals and so the process of coaching. That i use. A stakeholder centered coaching and it was developed by marshall goldsmith and few of his very close friends and as studied it and and was able to get certified for individuals and the teams and a love the process because it allows the leader to become recognized by their peers and their stakeholders as improving and they actually take a survey the stakeholders take a survey. And say you know. Did they improve on a neck and a negative three to positive three. How much improvement did you say since we've been working on we know xyz leadership and so one hundred percent of the folks. I've worked with So far they've all accomplished those measured results as seen by their peers and their stakeholders and Know to break down the process. It's it's called. Ask listen thank in so you can think of all keys lt keys. That are next to the The space bar on most computers. So you've got alt- ask listen. Thank this kind of the way to get it. Started and you would very simply say you know. Trina i wanna get better delegating water one or two things that i can do in this next meeting. That's going to help. That helps me improve delegating in so you would give me one or two ideas and so that's me listening does not meet. Arguing does not me saying train. A you didn't see me do xyz in before and you don't understand. I can't ask. Joke is shows like i can't get him to do anything so you don't give excuses but you ask very clearly. What are one or two things. I can do in the future to help my delegating. You listen actively listen and then you just simply say. Thank you and i sang. Thank you you're not committing to anything. You're not promising anything but you say thank you. You go back. You reflect you respond. You change if you want to and the laszlo piece of gold is the follow up so you follow back up with the stakeholder and you say it much like the army with your After action assessments This is what happened. This is what i learned from it..

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