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Cloudy, Saturday, December fifteenth good evening. I'm Kevin Rincon. CBS news time six thirty one. Would be kidnapping was stopped by a father of two in queens. This morning MAC Rosenberg spoke with the good Samaritan. Alex Alice's daughter will tell you. He's pretty protective as a parent. I used to go to the score. And I live right across the street. And he he wouldn't even let me walk across cheat alone. That's how protective he is of me. Lia's Salazar's in tears talking about what her father did for someone who is not his own flesh and blood this morning. An eleven year old girl was crying for help just before eight AM Salafist getting ready for work and heard the screams. I looked out. I saw the gentleman had the the girl he had a lily picked up sideways, and forcing her into the car say ran downstairs with a baseball bat and found out the girl had no idea who the would be of doctor was Alex was able to fend off the man who also had a baseball that forced the girl into his car, but faced with a terrifying situation. Alex says she didn't give up that's the best delta. So. She fought she kicked she screams. She did everything and she used her phone. She say though life. She did everything the right way. Always just did a helper. She called nine one one and the cops came and took the man forty year old railing Astrada into custody, hop stalled Alex he's a sexual predator in Ridgewood, queens, MAC, Rosenberg WCBS, NewsRadio eight hundred there's a new deadline for the city as it looks to head off a potential federal takeover of its public housing agency. The scandals have been almost constant accusations of covering up lead problems. No heat for some over a chilly thanksgiving allegations of sex parties among workers, and now with a thirty two billion dollar work backlog. The federal government is threatening to take the first steps in order to take over the city's public housing agency housing and urban development secretary, Ben Carson is giving the city until January thirty first to come up with a comprehensive plan to rescue Niger mayor de Blasios would say he's done just that. Introducing what he calls Nitra two point. Oh this past week. He says in a statement their productive conversations happening between all parties to improve the quality of life for the four hundred thousand New Yorkers that call night, you're home the city had previously offered to invest two billion dollars in repairs. But a federal judge rejected that deal saying much more needed to be done. Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty interior secretary. Ryan Zinke has resigned some of his political activity his travel potential conflicts of interests were issues Democrats assumed to take over in the house were looking to probe and may continue to do. So at the start of the new year. Here's CBS correspondent Errol Barnett. A lot of Democrats were upset about zinc. He's actions in rolling back protections for national monuments and expanding offshore drilling and easing limits on pollution. So even though he is stepping down. Just a few weeks before the end of the year. Democrats may still be inclined to cool him in front of the various investigating bodies to. Clarify if any of his actions were influenced by political spending. And if some of his actions went too far in rolling back federal regulation guidelines, President Trump says a replacement will be named next week. The cabinet position does require Senate confirmation. The Affordable Care Act was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in Texas for now the as expected to remain in place while the issue plays out in court here CBS correspondent, Kenneth Cragg. Since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in twenty ten about twenty million people have gained health insurance coverage, but the law has been frequently targeted by Republicans both in congress and in the courts in an interview on Fox News, Texas, attorney general Ken Paxton how did the decision as a victory? He's one of the lawsuits prominent backers we believe from the very beginning was unconstitutional. And we think the judge did the right thing and President Trump tweeted his satisfaction. And called on congress to pass a new healthcare law reaction to the decision was swift Nancy Pelosi who is likely to become speaker when Democrats take control of the house next month called the ruling absurd and promised to protect the Affordable Care Act, the US district judge who made the ruling said the tax cut Bill knocked the constitutional foundation from under the ACA by eliminating a penalty for not having coverage. The judge in this case is a conservative Republican appointee who previously blocked other Obama era policies was another violent clash or there wasn't other. Violent clashes today between demonstrators and police in France..

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