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Bulls. That's all we got. We're good. Uh-huh. The socks. They're just pissed. They're gonna grovel in for a month. Meanwhile, he's like woo. I'm gonna Caribbean. This is awesome. Get a lot of money. He's over it. A lot of money. Yeah. That's it. That is bothered me. It bothered me. Give really stop go away. Me who's done that before. Think about that. There have been missed kicks. Can you imagine like after the Super Bowl after Jackie Smith dropped that ball in the end zone? If you went onto Raja to a right to me. I can't believe I dropped it to relive it. They want to go by. What do you want everyone to forgive you right here? They just go go away to the question. It's up to the game and go thank your ex-girlfriend, ripping your heart out. And then go on. I'm really sorry that Bob's art out. I'm trying to get over it bring it up. And it's Cody freaking parkey. No one knows who this guy. No, one knew the guy was before a the casual fan, they could probably name you ten acres before the Cody parkey in Cody parkey missed a bunch of kids throughout the year. Go on the today show every week after he misses kicks. Yeah. Pose nagy. Our been steaming our. All right because he's got like eighteen he got a ton did. Out of guy in TV art have been so mad. They are liquid kicker and other us liquor. But I mean, I could ringing in my head banning liquor. It up kicker damn kicker going on the today show. What yoyo Marcellus Wiley is gonna join us coming up next. We'll talk about the NFL playoffs. We'll ask him this question as well. He's on speaker yourself on FOX. We'll get into that as well. Plus he played for the chargers. So we'll get his opinion on all of them. The chargers pats only played for the bills. So he buys like the patriots either. We know that next only here on the sports.

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