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I'm Beth Myers in the news radio one thousand Katie okay new center a wild police chase this morning in southwest Oklahoma City it ended with a car crashing into a Walmart neighborhood market store police initially began a pursuit of a stolen vehicle with two people inside their southwest forty fourth in Santa Fe the car crashed into the Walmart store there itself was fifty ninth in pan the two people inside tried to run but they were caught luckily no one inside the store was injured the Luther police department is investigating a counterfeit money operation on its Facebook page the police department says it's working in conjunction with the secret service and other state and local law enforcement agencies to find the source of the bogus bills and the Oklahoma department of corrections has a new director here's Megan bishop with more on that governor Kevin stood as appointed department of corrections interim director Scott crow as director Crowe took over interim duties in June when the then director resigned because been with the department for more than twenty years his appointment as DO see director will need to be confirmed now by the state Senate the newest member of the Oklahoma City school board will be sworn in later today twenty eight year old Meg mackel Haiti was appointed last month to fill the district seven vacancy that was created by the resignation of former school board member Jay's Kirk mackel Haney will take her oath of office at the start of today's school board meeting at five thirty this afternoon Katie okay whether studio heated by hill and company your train comfort specialist it's hard to top a hill cloudy today high of forty seven gonna be cold tonight a low of thirty three sunny on Tuesday and a high of forty.

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