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Network studios points in the bait eventually won by Arkansas fixed large part due to Daniel gaffer's big second half for the hogs after Vanderbilt had a pretty big discrepancy in that category in the first half. But Arkansas does win the points in the paint battle tonight twenty six to twenty four and unfortunately when it on the scoreboard as well by a final of sixty nine to sixty six Vanderbilt some clutch plays, but Arkansas which just one more down the stretch to claim three point win in Fayetteville Arkansas fourteen and eight on the season. Vanderbilt now nine and thirteen o and nine in the SEC Arkansas conversely five and four in conference play taking a look at the final individual stats for Vanderbilt Savin Lee, eleven points to go along with one rebound and four assists. Only played twenty three minutes hampered by foul. Trouble throughout this evening. He did eventually ballet out but thunder one minute to play semi Shitsu with twelve points on four seven shooting had eight rebounds on his night in twenty seven minutes of action clean. Yvonne brown. Gotta start six point seven rebounds for him Aaron e Smith, eight points on three of ten shooting was to of six from three to go along with five rebounds, and two assists. Matt Ryan also finishing with six points. One of five from beyond the arc three of three at the line. So again, finishing with those six points, two rebounds, and two assists. Played twenty one minutes. Yanni Wetzel five points to go along with two boards. Chew. Toy have out his outing tonight our player of the game eighteen points, six for eleven shooting four of six from beyond the three that certain times. Like Arkansas is getting ready to put pull this one away going away. Rather Joe toilets? Untimely shots to keep Vanderbilt in the game. But unfortunately, loses by three toy finishing with eighteen points, four rebounds in twenty eight minutes of action MAC seven self seventeen minutes was over two did not score did have to assist. Matthew Moyer intimidates of action missed his two shot attempts. Add up the totals. Vanderbilt goes twenty two of forty nine from the floor. Forty four point nine percent. Nine of twenty. Four from beyond the Arthur, excuse me, three thirteen of twenty one at the foul line, rather. For the game. They were in fact, nine of twenty one from three at forty three percent for Arkansas. Conversely, the big games from Daniel gaffer. They're big time, maybe a prospect sophomore center twenty eight points on nine of fourteen shooting. Ten twelve at the line in thirty three minutes of action had nine rebounds to go along with those twenty eight points in Isaiah Joe eighteen point six of eleven shooting six for ten from three to go along with four rebounds. Really Joe kept them in the game in the first half. Let one time gotten that lead up to ten points at Joe with a flurry of threes. During the latter stages of the first half gets Arkansas back in the game, cutting it to one point halftime lead for the Commodores. But unfortunately, Arkansas does pull pull away with a three point win in the second half. Again, your final Arkansas sixty nine Vanderbilt sixty six. We'll be back with more after this. You're listening to Vanderbilt basketball from learfield. I n g college we'll be back some scores and wrap this one up after this time timeout. Bye. Zero sugar with great coke. Can.

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