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Western Conference were projected to be the team to represent the west in the NBA Finals, heading into the season, have not lived up to that expectation certainly. Some of that is obviously injured injury related, but still we've seen them in some blowout losses some ugly play and so it's not a surprise that Frank Vogel would be feeling a little bit uneasy at this point. Yeah, this one kind of screams to me the old you can't fire all the players. So you're going to move on from the coach to try to get a change if that's the direction it goes. I would assume that David fizdale would get bumped up into the interim spot there. It's highly unlikely. There would be someone who's on the market. I know, people constantly asking could Phil Jackson come back that that ship has sailed. That's not that was the way it went. I mean, I guess, never rule anything out. But my guess is it's David fizdale gets a bump bob would take over. He's got that head coaching experience in the past. And then see where it goes and then they'd go hunting in the off season for a star go there. So yeah, it's a little rough because I think it's, I don't think Frank Vogel is a perfect coach by any means. I don't know that the team is necessary fully built to play the way he really wants to play in the end, especially with the injuries that one's getting called accountable if they continue to kind of put her along as a 500 team. It's just that's not going to be good enough. And my guess is that we can. Just trade off all these planets. And remember, they gave Frank Vogel a one year contract extension during the off season, which isn't a major vote of confidence, right? Provided that the flexibility to potentially make this move. Now again, that doesn't mean that's definitely the path they're going down, depends, we'll see how they do for the next month or show here..

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