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Says the government will buy another 200 million doses of the Corona virus vaccine. His goal to get almost every American vaccinated by the fall. That's 300 million people. CBS NEWS Medical contributor. Dr David Egas joined us earlier to talk about the vaccination plan. So I do think it's achievable to vaccinate the majority of the country by the end of the summer, But it's going to take some work. We're going to have to get two more vaccines approved through the FDA and an emergency use authorization. We're going to have to get other pharmaceutical companies to start to make these vaccines so we can get the production's not just ordered, but actually delivered and going into people's arms, So it's going to take some work. But he's got a remarkable team doing this. And they seem to be hitting on all cylinders at the present time. Yeah, Dr Egas, we've heard a lot We've been reporting day after day that you know governors air having supply issues. They're not being told how much vaccine their states they're going to be getting so they can't really process how much will be available to the public. Is there a chance that under this new plan, and perhaps with the approval of more vaccines that these vaccines will end up in the arms of people in all our states? I certainly hope so. I mean, I think we're going to start to see some federalization of the process, trying to do things more uniformly across the country. But at the same time transparency of the numbers that the state knows when it's going to get its doses. It will use every dose. It has because it knows new ones are coming, and I think that's what's critical is that many of them are holding a lot back saying I don't know what's coming. Let me hold them back. So I have enough for the second doses. And there are significant numbers of the doses in freezers where they really shouldn't be. Dr. Rigas, are we getting enough in from Asian and is there enough effort to help schools reopen sooner as the president wants? But the CDC issued AH paper yesterday Journal American Medical Association, basically saying that if you look at the data over the last six months in schools is not a vector for transmission. So very little child, the child, our child to teacher spread. And when you look at the amount of virus in the schools, it is, in most cases, either equal or lower to the actual community around it. So that is the push to open schools. Now, the hope is as we go there after this paper yesterday is that they be a little bit more prescriptive. Tell schools what they need to do in schools where they were Masters social difference that could actually have good ventilated classroom. The numbers were good in terms of viral infection in schools where they did where they had indoor sports. They had getting together and they didn't work best. The number's actually went up significantly. We have more than 425,000. I think Americans now dead from this virus, and the president did point out that things were going to get worse before they get better. Do you agree with that? Yeah. I think we're going to see tens of thousands of deaths. Unfortunate. Over the next couple weeks, Hospitalizations were going down. Dexter. Going up to death. Remember? Lack hospitalizations by 10 days to 14 days, and then I think we're going to start to see a drop. The question is, Do you think that everyone's mind is? Are these new strains that are more infectious? Going to cause the equivalent of what we call a second way. Are there going to be more and rising infections? Because of this more infectious strain, and you know, in other countries or parts of the world? The answer has been yes. And so we're worried about that here. That is CBS News. Medical contributor. Dr David Vegas. It's 1 14. Thanks for calling 1 800 got junk thistles. Sarah, How can I help? I've been thinking. What have you been thinking about? E cluttering. And what did you decide? I decided I should do it a lot more often. Well, you definitely called the right number. I decided I should declutter more often because it's an important part of a balanced and healthy life. Oh, Tell me more. We shower regularly to get rid of what we've accumulated. Yes. And we cut her hair to get rid of what we've accumulated. Yes, And there are other important things we do just to get rid of what we've accumulated. Have you ever noticed that 1 800 got junk has a question mark at the end of it? Yes. I have noticed that we make junk. Disappear. All I have to do is point all you have to do is point Can you come right now? We're on our way. Call 1 800 God junk or visit 1 800 god junk dot com. Check of.

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