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What that guy has his mind is strangled up, and he has no sense of time. Yeah, It's amazing. You can work pub, Dylan into anything you can't Another Another hate mail here. Says how we? It's about time that you got off Charlie Baker's back. Charlie has been upfront and consistent since day one. Oh, yeah. So get off your soapbox. Try directing your comments to the fact that Republicans can sweep in the 2022 elections if they get on the same page. Get off the dock and go to the airport. That sounds like a Bob Dylan line. Get a get of the dug out of you, boy. Wait a for your life. It's time for my boot heels to be wandering at his press conference when he when Walt was fired if, says the Holyoke soldiers home Watch. Baker said Walsh had been appointed which really by the by the board of trustees, which really wanted Bennett Walsh to have that job. And I could tell you that the first time I ever met him or talked to him was when we swarm in. Yeah, I remember him, saying that at the press conference. We have some of that That was a lie. I admit that in the story that was a lie. Take. What did the guy say? He said. Baker always tells the truth. Oh, thanks, But I'm just saying, Charlie bigger one up front and consistent since day one system Yes. And get off your soapbox, Howie. Howie Carr in the Boston Herald bemoan the end of coronavirus regulations, signaling the end of an opportunity to write crap in the guise of serious critical journalism. What is the CDC been doing Seriously? What What is what is all media been doing for the last year? There were 30,000 new cases yesterday. Three people died. Two of them were shot and the other one fell off a motorcycle. But they're called the deaths. The sky is falling. The world is coming to an end. Help help! Your CTC voice sounds eerily similar to fifth puffing tonight. Uh, they're pitching the same hysteria by the way, everyone hate mail Monday is brought to you by PNC Dozy baking company celebrating over 100 Years of baking. Excellent since 1916 used up a lot of my pants Does he rolls yesterday from the remote on Friday? I had some turkey and cheese sandwiches yesterday with pickles and mustard. And it's the best bread in the business. So make sure you check them out. And we had a We got some nice gifts. I got some graft. I'm wearing some of it right now. Thanks to well. The woman who brought this to me and the outlaw Josie Wales TV day. This is a shirt toe orange, it says New Hampshire Old Man of the mountain, the Granite State. There you go. Keep dreaming. Okay. Now, before we move on to the Biden stuff here, we do have more sound to get to, um, got three, please. Yeah,.

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