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Been a senior adviser at teneo since twenty seventeen and Before she was that she was famous for becoming the first black female ceos of fortune. Five hundred company When she was the top person xerox where she worked until twenty sixteen An it centre. I i saw this. I saw business story in the new york. Post this morning that Interviewed a few people on background. Who seem to be today. Oh insiders close observers. Sort of saying that. So sort of saying the kelly. Well you know. She's kelly's person and he he's pursing sort of like pushing her in the door here. Sorts sort of keep his fingerprints on everything. And i just thought that was a bit ridiculous because she ran xerox which which is a bigger company for a long time and she's certainly qualified to run a company and and to deal with crises You know we'll get the nuts and bolts you now a consultant or corporate communications. Pr elements of it. Maybe not but you'll have people that will so i don't know that was just the one point commentary. I wanted to make a better says. She's clearly an established business person in her own right and not somebody else's puppet in the role. Yeah it's interesting. I loved about this last weekend to check that out Got a lot of Left to know people think of it. But it's nice worth noting in april declan. Kelly actually set up a private equity firm with us burns. Who are the partners. Tooled integrum so Specializing in tech services investment. So it'll be interesting to see what happens with that venture and Interestingly integral is the latin word for reinstatement. So i don't know what that souls lay to do when i mean when you're a company that is all about advising ceo's and high level corporate reputation it doesn't really it's not a good look as it when the ceo himself is is found to be lacking in that respect the and they become. The story is the first rule of pr..

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