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They we'll come back this as the call to freedom here on L. Dot F._M.. Broadcast as always from Liberty Radio Studios here in came New Hampshire as always you're invited to give us a call at six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty again that six zero three the two eight three six one six zero or you can use the discord column is which you can find it discord dot l. r. n. Dot F._M.. Now there's there's two interesting things that we really have to get into here but I have to actually had all something very quickly here Michael. I have the story about the Pennsylvania school lunch. This is this is from C._N._N.. That actually came earlier today. In the Wyoming Valley West School district in Pennsylvania senator hundreds of letters this week telling parents who had lunch debt to pay or their children could go into foster care now. That's a pretty that's scary very frightening. It is indeed you owe the school money for for your kids lunches and if you don't pay up you lose your kids. That's that's what they're talking about here. I mean could they really be talking about here taking away. The People's kids for for fifteen bucks. Maybe I how much you possibly over for the the crappy school lunches that shouldn't cost more than a few cents because they keep out on everything but in the letter which was reviewed by C._N._N.. Told parents that there have been quote multiple letters sent home with your child quote and that no payments had been made quote. Your child has been sent.

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