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Senator Kamel Harris the Michigan Democratic Party black caucus is now endorsing Joe Biden for president caucus chairman Keith Williams says the former vice president fought for our communities while serving under president Barack Obama and help the say the auto industry and strengthen the United auto workers union Michigan's presidential primary is March tenth anyone who's been pulled over by a ledge police impersonator Adrian on song on Sunday is being asked to call the Oakland county sheriff's office after he was arrested by sheriff Michael Bouchard last week the twenty three year old Waterford management arraigned on a felony weapons charge and a misdemeanor for decking out his SUV to look like a police vehicle Livonia police have a nineteen year old Detroit man jailed in connection with the armed robbery of a Taco Bell on Varamin road in December Moses champion was arrested yesterday he's also accused of hitting several other fast food restaurants in the metro area champion is expected to face federal charges for the robbery we have the traffic and weather for times an hour I'm John Bailey of the patriot FM one a one point five that ATM for it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at the hi Jamie it's me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song with the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay mean trombone was what wine you say will be found coverage options to fit your budget then we just all the finger snaps will acquire goes coming after they've come at Jeff yes no maybe anyway see a practice tonight I.

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