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The toll lanes on the riverside freeway in Kuroda are really raking in the dough officials are calling it an unexpected windfall. Forty million dollars in tolls. Since the lanes opened about a year ago three times as much as expected, we're happy with how many people are using the road where we are certainly pleased with the revenue numbers. However, I think we are also cognizant that it's not something that's gonna necessarily lasts forever. John stand afford with the Riverside County transportation commission says they plan to put the money to good use the most immediate. We're looking at westbound lanes between seventy one free rein green river road. He says. The westbound lane. See a lot of traffic in during the morning hours on weekdays have the highest tolls. Karen Adams, Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio. Speculation. He's out in California. Now needs a new chair of the Democratic Party that story coming up in four minutes right now, ten thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. And here is Barbara. We've got happy Lakers fans, leaving the Staples Center after the win tonight, but they're causing delays on the one ten so not too happy on that freeway. Northbound you're gonna find slowing between the town and the one and one and in south LA, one ten southbound for gauge hearing about a spin out off to the right shoulder CHP on the way to check that out. Also in downtown ten eastbound for maple car conked out and is in the left lane of the freeway there. So that could start cause a little backup and reports problem in the Highland Park area. One ten southbound round avenue sixty on the off ramp. They're getting word of a crash off to the right shoulder. Still Sigler at the Newhall pass for a little while longer five southbound for the fourteen truck route closed a vicar crash there has she a little slow everyone sharing. The mainline lanes are other Sigler does in Glendora to ten westbound. Past the fifty seven two right lanes are blocked connector from the fifty seven northbound of the ten westbound blocked big rig went over the side had a call from a tipster. It is on the tow truck hook. So it should be out of there soon. But it looks like you may have the fuel spilled after clean up. So I think those lanes are going to be closed a little while longer got an overturned vehicle in diamond bar Fifty-seven, southbound brea canyon road off ramp is blocked because of that and crash clearing in in Southgate seventeen northbound at Firestone Long Beach four or five northbound Lakewood offer have box trucks stuck in the right lane there it's partially on the right shoulder, but just to use caution if that's your exit next report ten forty five. I'm Barbara Brooks. With our traffic reports. More often Canucks ten seventy NewsRadio. Just some scattered rain fall. The rest of the way tonight into tomorrow morning. Some lingering showers mostly to the east of Los.

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