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And now your wwl forecast not too bad rainfall wise today had some scattered showers and thunderstorms in the few good silvers but we'll be drying out for the rest of the evening and overnight tonight partly cloudy skies warm and muggy overnight lows in the seventies a wetter day on saturday looking at about a seventy percent chance for numerous showers and storms some of those heavy at times with high temperatures though because of the overcast skies and abundant rainfall in the eighties looking kind of a repeat on wetter day on sunday about a sixty percent chance we'll start to dry though as we head into next week from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist chris franklin partly sunny both north and south of the lake now eighty eight degrees it'll be armstrong international eighty four in july del aims wwl first news now a check on wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham in if you come in from the west bank to the east bank the accident and break down on the crescent city connection have both been cleared all lanes are open we're seeing some patchy delays at terry parkway and then just you normal afternoon delays on the late down expressway through the on ramps with the merging traffic if you're eastbound from here heading toward slidell we're seeing delays right before the i six ten merge once you get over the high rise traffic moves well and if you come in from the east we're seeing delays secondary delays at saint bernard approaching the clayborn exit or the river bound expressway exit from itin the accident right there at clayborn has been cleared surf u continuing westbound toward kenneran metairie and kenner you've got this typical delays right around the parish line they opened up a bit right before causeway then they get tired again between causeway and clearview coming in from the west nope problems on the spillway traffic's moving at speed but when you step off in kenner we've got some heavy delays between i three ten and power and.

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