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I mean, let's not forget that vice started offers an advertising sheet, didn't it. And that's what it is. Again. It's marketing ah do remember hearing a vice journalists being interviewed in saying? Oh, well, you know, it's all about the brand now. And you know, forget being a music writer and having any personality. It's just in a really we're all just in service of the brand of in the not short of a starring characters as we've got to occur tickle, David tarry. True. Like, David so Alexis, the twat innovates each agency the social media influences agency, which is called fuck, Jerry. Oh, yes. It's amazing, isn't it? But my favorite was the finance guy. Andy the guy who has to take one. The novel. He was really every voter in coastal. My building late forties early fifties again. Well, I would he was so charismatic and he actually says I mean, it's just remarkable. Just remarkable. We're taking that he will give someone a blow job the he was. He was. Work. Could explain it podcast. I was amazed though that like you saying him he's like Tom in succession, the kind of like the awful sort of like file council. Conciliatory figure you right. It's amazing that people would would take an in by this. But after it's all broken down and collapsed and the whole things gone bankrupt. We say Billy tried to start another selling tickets to the mecca of Victoria's Secret fashion show will do the name of Frank triple. The find triples are going. Franklin was a going in a. Lend nothing and the people around him have led nothing either. They're happy. Well, david. Happen using with Jaru internet was not. There was some sense. The Jarrah was involved in some sort of new company with David which didn't say much for David judgment. But that was the over. About about these people at work for the guy bid voice of reason, yoga guy, the gap pairing. Oh by the navy seal. This is a monumental close to focus. And why did he not leave any point? He actually go. You know, he know Feinstein answer to this. Which is the whole thing is predicated on you are at the hot zone of cool. And this is what's happening. And if you think it's shit because you don't understand in a away just issue because remember that they get laid off without getting laid off. So they working they don't give away. This is in the hula magnificent our Partridge moment where they say when not sacking anybody those just no more work. No money. Yes, we're getting a second series. Astonishing. What do we think of the comparison between the Netflix which most people seen on the hula, which is kind of hard to say? I think the next Netflix on the interviews a better and the production values the better the who feels like it's been made on the hop. But actually, what's better about the Hulu one. Is you get the whole context and the whole millennial generation references businesses it and some good interviews the psychologist who was talking about the psychology of the conman and the scam, and so we get a real sense of how this this could have happened. I really enjoyed seeing in the Hulu on the the business background. I found it slightly annoying. The way it's the cutter documentary were when it says on that in two thousand eight thousand eight financial crash, it has to be restricted with clip. From the Jetsons of a dinosaur falling over or or you know, kind of a clown colorful into pieces it has that slightly. Yes. Yes. So one of the things that one of the key takeaways Somme, I could tell you a log management this was thought. Okay. So the handle at a building site in the middle of the Bahamas with music food. Didn't it so grotty? To west I looked at this. And I thought the audience would have breezed. Our our proper festival eighties. I with people to stay I home..

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