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He finally gets. Cow bama equals into the first time and he seems to church is located at. He starts asking around bulls into a diner. He starts asking about this. I wish scarred. Everybody looks at a little girl. A few. you wouldn't talking about right okay. This not pounds. Since the night like two o'clock in the morning knock on his door. Open door these guys are like yeah. We're from the church like long hair hippie looking news and so he believes he's like he's like okay. Are we going are. We're going to be going to the sacrificial the sacrificial sacrafice orgy really fucking sinister. That's where he was like. I don't know about this. He to him it was just an working by jerry's all about free love and you know yeah ok had many partner however many parties he could have. That's about you know what i mean. That's more like a well. That's what he gets. Okay yeah all right So it's like two in the morning we'll be back tomorrow morning. We'll pick you up. we'll go to serve. We'll pick you up so the next morning you wake up in green to these dudes to come and they don't show up anything. That's weird egos to his car and his car. Everything is gone. He goes to check out of the hotel. And he's he's asking the clerk about the church. Jake church daisy and again. The person's looking weird like you know who allegations mark third is and the guy looks at him kind of weird kind of nine. He's like wishes. But i know a dave Kind of a religious guy. When i put you in touch with dave all right anna you. Dave could figure out if you could find this out wishes guy you know from me southern people each other out small town and so these screwed. He's like i don't know where any of my stuff is. I don't know what these guys were doing. Well then we call the sheriff from figure turns into this year turns out these guys were just playing them and they just took all shape and we're going to try to pawn his computer and all that stuff but the cop the guys anyway turned into old thing. Anyway he gets. Dave dave is a janitor at high school. Okay alabam dave in jerry start. Talking and dave is not from jerry describes gave has like three hundred pounds messy hair missy one of those messy hair kind of bald on top guides. Guess you hear us the bottom. Poofy now got this big rig beard and you know three hundred pounds okay So they're talking. Dave david's like davis like i never thought somebody would actually come to try to figure if this is actually real you. Jerry's like what are you talking about. And he's like well you've made up. This whole church made this meet up church. I i made up the whole cold. You know i made it all. It was all just thing. I made up in my head and i it was quarantine and i figured that arctic but see what i can do if our ticket. This is really bring the story together all right. jerry is herbert. he's like. I brought my pit bull with me was stolen. I would hope so. He's i you know. I always offset heartbroken. Not having he's like what about the orgies. That's why i never gave a town. I mean i'm surprised. Found me if i if. I traveled for three weeks to find an orgy. And all i found was a three hundred pounder right. I would be upset too. Yeah he was devastated right. So jerry dave dave or whatever out wishes goes on about this whole thing about he made up. The thing started making money right. A lot of the i eat and he had to keep it going because he was making up and so a lot of the stuff you said he was just getting from like he would just read a little bit. Kabbalah read about the horror. Read about the worst end of the world stuff in bible in emails. Any view his sermons. Nobody solved who he was. Because all of these sermons on youtube would always have like a picture of a pit bull in front right or some kind of dog. Church date make sense right. Yeah that's why nobody ever saw my face and he's like so. You made the whole thing about the orgy last month where you had multiple you and a bunch of women. He's like. Oh yeah in the series. I can have my at this point jerry. It's been a couple grand. Become ounce him not only come out and see him but all the money that he was like you know putting into this guy's church. Jerry was like if you don't give me all my money back. I'm going to expose these smart guy. He ain't no dummy. Means like dave's can't get your money back right now. You know you're gonna need to hang out. Hang on town for a couple of days. Wait like. I really don't wanna do that. I want my money back. If you're making money. If you charge people naming nine hundred five a month every month you should be able to get the money from in a can't get the money for you right now. I have to do a sermon to expose you. Jerry look dude. I'm going to expose you. Don't give me my money. The at home like our one point to get home devastated point like i. I don't believe anything anymore. He's telling this guy he's like well you should've you should come on the left. Baud come on. Should you should have realized something was up so they come to a deal. Games like okay. Here's what i'm going to do if you could stay in town. We're day i will give you three thousand dollars to get enough money to get you home and you keep your mouth shut. He's like okay. Whatever so jerry wakes an extra. Dave actually falls through gives them his money again. Jerry's lost and confused and decides to go home after rent a place when he gave up its place right right kind of keeping it to himself. Doesn't wanna tell people that he fell victim to uphold internet cope. Whatever and that's that's why that's why he wants to call jerry instead of embarrassed. I mean he's he's like. I can't believe i was on my knees. Pregnant dog fall right right in actually sacrifice. The cat he did motherfucker. Yeah you can't you in that. Don't ask me how. He sacrificed to catholic. It was pretty gnarly hall. So it was pretty gross. He he he told me about. It was pretty road. That's that's a felony to. Yeah that's another reason. He did that before you left town. He reiterated it was a street cat but he doesn't really have an excuse but he's like he was telling me how brainwashed garden in a matter of anyway. Yeah i don't know if it was because of quarantine because x y. z. But bar in. You know i was pretty much convinced. The world was gonna end. This guy presented all these things that you know at the time will if i was a little more aware. Now i look at it and it's coming. Dc deaconess captured the devil. Or whatever. But i mean during the time afraid people by a bunch of toilet paper. I'm figuring the end boards coming right. I need i need. I need something to believe in lost all hope at that point in presenting itself and again that's that's jerry's jerry staying man. He told me the story he said i can use it on this podcast because he promised he promised gay he promised he promised allah wishes he wants to abolition say when exposed real name but i just ended. I don't think it's real estate. But anyway that's just ordered. Laura and i spent thirty five minutes in front of a target. Yeah art and you also just three five minutes my life. I didn't know that was a pretty good story. Though i mean i didn't really mind that wasted three hundred. I walked out there just blown away scratching your bed. Okay i'm gonna recap again recap. You ran into our mutual friend. Bob good goodrich. I now remember the caves for kabbalah. We still don't know what his last name right. You ran into bob k. This wild story about how he fell for an internet colts. Yes traveled to alabama mobile alabama mobile alabama. Okay traveled to mobile alabama Find his to find to find an orgy. Give only to find a three hundred hundred pound. Ginger oh did i tell you the age fifty okay. Only to find a fifty five year old three hundred pounds ginger fraud. Yeah i just told that story under ten cents but my room bet you okay and he killed a cat cat's fucked up. Yeah i agree interest. Go around killing cats. I agree so yeah the interesting stuff. I guess we're exposing the church today. Yeah good don't fall for the future teams. Yeah oh for real. You can't be. I mean don't you don't start colts to fucking defraud people and make them murder counts yet and give up their place and and drive to mobile alabama campaign orgy. Yeah only defined a fifty five year old fraud crazy. No yeah okay. Yeah that's crazy. So jerry wanted to tell the story or bob k. To tell the story because he was doesn't really want people to fall because y- apparently what he did when he got home he had actually called. Whatever you call the internet. People internet colt people offline and longer than eight hundred number. No he said you got a hold of people and it could be. It could very well be jerry fucking went to joshua tree trip balls and made this whole thing up yet because i couldn't find any information on avalanche of him on the third yet. What if it's an internet poll. You should be able to find it on the internet right. I mean that's that's if you can't find it on the internet and they're not doing their job right but apparently from what he said he got shut down after he got home. He made a couple of calls and he got it. Should you get this way. You can find okay. Because i was like i propose the same idea. I'm like before i do this. Podcast can i do some research finger to see. If you're telling me the truth i can. Yeah okay and he was like well you know. I don't shut down. So i don't know jerry could be making it up. He cannot be. I don't know. I just figured it was an interesting story and kind of ridiculous that you've praised up the so anyway. Don't fall Internet colts. i guess it's a lesson in general especially internet colts if if it sounds too weird to be reasonable. It's probably is. And i think at that point at this point. We're gonna end the episode. That's about thirty minutes until next time. America don't yourself. I still don't see the point of this episode flirt but hey we got something to release we under a month and we exposed. Expose the church in dc. I think that's a point of the episode. I feel like i feel like bob. Expose the church davey. I feel pretty explicit about. Yeah but bob gave need information exploded on the podcast so more people are now aware that there's a picture of became fine. There isn't excuse. Yeah anyway that's our episode like south america. Don't cheat yourself tune into the next episode where we actually have a real guess. Yeah a real guess. A real guests. Yeah that's books and it's an author in which is better than a secondhand account from a weird of mushroom head guy anyway. Hope you guys to join. It talkies him..

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